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Expertmile Admin Expertmile Technologies private limited, Admin

3 years ago

How will GST benefit the Trading Community?


Under GST, a trader would be entitled to avail input tax credit paid on their domestic procurements of goods and services unlike the present indirect tax regime. Presently, a significant portion of indirect taxes namely Central Excise and Service Tax form part of the cost component for a trader. This will not be the case under GST. He will now be able to take credit of all taxes paid by him.

In respect of imports, the landed cost is expected to reduce significantly under GST. Hence, the traders will gain significantly in terms of input tax credit on their operating expenses thereby decreasing their operating costs.

CST which was non-creditable has been subsumed in GST. This will be a huge benefit for the traders. Entry tax has also been subsumed in GST. Removal of CST and entry tax shall immensely benefit the traders. Traders will be able to sell their goods to farthest areas.

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