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2 weeks ago

Income Tax on Sub-Letting Properties (Hi, This is related to sub letting of the property. Suppose my mother owns a house and my sister is the primary tenant of the house. Suppose my sister pays my mother a nominal rent (say INR 500 per month) and my sister sublets the same property to me at a very high rate (say 40,000 a month)... This is because my mother also pays the income tax so I can not directly show rent to her (she will end up paying tax instead of me) but my sister does not earn any income.. So even if she shows (40,000*12= 4,80,000) she will not likely pay any tax.. Is this transaction valid? if yes what documents I can submit to consider this transaction as valid? Thanks a lot for your time and feedback Please let me know if you need additional information from my end. Regards, Sukrut)

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