Buy/sell Business

Buy Business?

We can help you to grow inorganic way by buying suitable business model for growth/entry strategy.

We provide end to end solution covering following services,

  1.  Understanding your requirement
  2.  Finding suitable business leads
  3.  Initial conversation and evaluation
  4.  Joint meeting with seller
  5.  Complete transaction structuring 
  6.  Negotiations
  7.  Due Diligence
  8.  Deal Closure

Sell Business:

Get best value for your business through our services. We will provide end to end solution for selling the business hasle free.

Following would be process to sell the business:

  1.  Understanding your business and your expectations
  2.  Vendor due diligence
  3.  Preparing proposal, teaser with complete structuring 
  4.  Suitable buyer sourcing
  5.  Initial meetings and disucussions
  6.  Joint meeting
  7.  Transaction structuring advisory
  8.  Due diligence support
  9.  Deal closure