Virtual CFO services (retainership)


Every organization needs CFO, but issue is all organization can afford the same?

We can provide you virtual CFO services, wherein you pay as you use like once in a week visit or once in a month visit.

CFO Outsourced services:

CFO services as needed, part time or short term as required by your business is provided by outsourced CFO companies. For elevating a company’s financial strategy by implementing advanced forecasts or systems, helping company to over come financial challenge or get through an event such as an audit or capital raise, etc CFO are called upon.

Some of the most common CFO services outsourced:

  1. Financial Strategy
  2. Short and long term financial Forecasting
  3. Financial systems strategy & Design
  4. Budgeting
  5. Facilitating and Interpreting Financial Reporting
  6. Raising Capital
  7. Capital Structure
  8. Interim CFO services
  9. Cash flow analysis & Restructuring
  10. Making cost cuts
  11. Facilitating mergers and acquisitions

CFO services for small business:

Small business also need CFO service. You need CFO service when you are unable to access the financial performance of your business, benchmark it to industry standards or make revenue producing decisions, routinely analyse variances in your budget versus actual performance, for preparing a financial forecasts to shareholders or lenders to acquire funding. To accomplish your primary goals, our CFO services will help you make decisions to assess the financial health of your business .

CFO services for start-ups/LLP/Company:

Start-ups generally are unable to hire full time CFO as they have financial shortage of funds. Retainership CFO helps start-ups to get professional expert service in financial strategy, industry analysis, optimizing systems and maximizing profits. CFOs would also help in early stage cashflow problems or sustaining growth or looking to achieve a goal such as raising capital or accelerating growth.

CFO services Proposal:

Please find below list of services proposed to be included in outsourced CFO:

  • Book keeping services
  • Salary processing services / Payroll services
  • Controller services
  • Banking relationships
  • Fund raising and Business Development
  • Administrative services
  • ESOP plan and business plans