Business restructuring

Looking to restructure your busines model ?

We can look it from holistic view keeping in mind all the stakeholders and all the applicable law to restructure the business model in effective manner.


Restructuring is the corporate management term for the act of reorganizing the legal, ownership, operational or other structures of a company for the purpose of making it more profitable or better organized for its present needs. Restructuring is also known as corporate restructuring, debt restructuring and financial restructuring. Restructuring can also be done for change of ownership or ownership structure, demerger or a response to a crisis or major change in the business such as bankruptcy, repositioning or buyout.

Reorganization of companies outstanding liabilities is known as corporate debt restructuring. Companies which are facing difficulties in repaying the debts uses this mechanism. With smaller payments the credit obligations are spread out over longer duration , in the process of restructuring. Company’s obligation to meet debt is allowed. Also, as a process, for some portion of equity some creditors may agree to exchange debt. The difficulties faced by the corporate is resolved by this process and enables them to become viable again.

How to restructure your business?:

Key aspects to focus when restructuring your company:

  1. Clear Purpose: No other option is available except restructuring for you. There can be difficulties for the business and staff to undergo drastic changes, so ensure that you’re restructuring is for the best.
  2. Clear communication: Confusing can be restructuring. So it’s important of what is going on is continuously informed to staff, suppliers and any one who is affected by the changes. This is especially important in the event that staff are going to be made redundant. Significantly higher chance of winning a claim against you, if failure to properly communicate during this period as staff taking your business to an employment tribunal.
  3. Consider your options: A degree of planning and legal documentation required for any restructuring.

Small business restructure rollover:

The small business restructure rollover allows small businesses to transfer active assets from one entity to one or more entities. This rollover applies to the transfer of active assets that are capital gains assets, trading stock, revenue assets, or depreciating assets.

If the transfer of assets forms part of a genuine restructure as opposed to an artificial or inappropriately tax driven scheme then rollover is available.

Business Restructure consultant:

The restructuring consultant experts at Expertmile Consulting help management stabilize finances and operations to reassure all parties-in-interest that proactive steps are being taken to enhance value. Across various industries our expertise allows us to quickly ascertain the key issues and react immediately on behalf of our clients. In crisis phase of client, expert team develops improves cash flow management, liquidity forecasts, obtains additional financing, negotiates loan agreement waivers and guides complex debt restructuring. Lenders and unsecured creditors of distressed borrowers provided with analytical and advisory services.

Business Restructuring assets:

Asset Restructuring is the process of buying or selling of a company’s assets that comprise of far greater than half of the target company’s consolidated assets. When the restructuring takes place, it’s usually a one-time expense that needs to be funded by any company.