Shop/FASSAI/ Food and drugs license


We can help you with Shop and establishment license (Gumasta), FASSAI, Food and drug license for your business.

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India drugs industry is primarily regulated by the Drug and Cosmetics Act of 1940 and among other relevant regulations such as the Dangerous Drugs Act of 1930 and other relevant regulations. To include Ayurvedic and Unani drugs the act was amendment in 1964. In two or more states if the business is operating then in each state the business needs to obtain license of that state.

Drugs license Renewal:

Within 15 days of online registration for renewal submit the completed application with the following enclosures in the office of Drug Licensing Authority of your district.

  1. Duly filled form 19/19A/19AA/19C ( Put signature on printout taken.)
  2. After depositing the requisite fees, original treasury challan.
  3. Original affidavit of proprietor / authorised partner/authorised director or authorised person of pvt ltd or ltd company or Trust or society regarding no change in Name of the firm, Constitution, premises since grant of license.
  4. A) Documents related to Registered Pharmacist:
  • Copy of Diploma Pharmacy.
  • Copy of Registration Certificate from Pharmacy Council of Uttar Pradesh.
  • Copy of renewal of Registration
  • Copy of Appointment and Joining Letter
  • Original affidavit of Pharmacist

      4. B) For wholesale licenses documents related to competent Person:

  • Copy of Educational Qualification certificate(s) including High school Certificate.
  • If the competent person is a registered pharmacist then all the documents.
  • Original affidavit of Competent Person.

Food License:

All entities involved in the production, distribution and transportation of food products require FSSAI registration or license. To improve the hygiene and quality of food has brought about tremendous changes in the food industry with the introduction of The Food Safety & Standards Act (FSSAI) , 2006.

How to apply Food license Online:

The business entities have to apply according to the categorized divisions. Turnover, scale of business and the kind of activity this grouping is based on.

FSSAI basic registration: Eligibility criteria are as below:

  • Units whose annual turnover does not exceeds Rs 12 lakhs.
  • The daily production capacity of food does not exceed 100 kg/litre.
  • Daily procurement or handling and procurement of milk is up to 500 litres of milk or
  • Daily slaughtering capacity of 2 large animals or 10 small animals or 50 or lesser poultry birds

Food license Documents:

  • Promoters of the food business photo identity.
  • Possession of premises evidence ( Rental Agreement/ Utility Bill)
  • Partnership Deed/ Memorandum of Association/ Certificate of Incorporation/ Articles of Association.
  • A list of Manufacture food products or processed or stored.
  • Food safety management system plan
  • Form – B Signed and Completed

Food License Renewal:

On the portal itself, renewal of Food Safety number can be done. It is essential for Form C to be uploaded so just keep that ready. If you are situated in certain specific states you must submit a copy of the application duly signed and a copy of fees paid  after applying online. FBOs having a valid certificate of a food safety auditor or from an agency or some other organization as accredited or notified by the Food Authority for this purpose may not be inspected before renewal of the license.

Food License Fees:

  1. For productions that exceed 1MT and for milk units ranging between 10001 to 50000 LPD or 501 to 2500 MT per annum, a fee of Rs 5000 is applicable.
  2. For production that are below 1MT and for milk units ranging between 501 to 10000 LPD or 2.5 MT to 500MT per annum, a fee of Rs 3000 Is applicable.
  3. For Hotels ranging up to 4 star, a fee of Rs 5000 is applicable.
  4. All food providers and other Food business operators a fee of Rs 2000 is applicable.