Company formation outside India

We can help you to form company outside India for tax planning purpose or better operations purpose.

We will not only incorporate enitity but handle regular compliances to run the same in efficient manner.

Company formation outside India

An essential part of a company’s business expansion policy is doing business outside India and growing internationally. It is administered by a company’s aim to expand its commercial activities diagonally national frontiers and increase its competitiveness. The most important legislation was the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) which changed the entire perspective on foreign exchange particularly those relating to investment aboard.

Offshore or company formation outside India means managing, registering, conducting or operating in a foreign country with financial, legal and tax benefits. Depending on the offshore jurisdiction, an offshore company may have the following benefits and features:

  • Ease of Incorporation
  • Minimal fees
  • No foreign Exchange controls
  • High confidentiality
  • Tax Benefits

Steps or Procedure for Company formation:

Shareholder and director are two key parties involved in the process of incorporation of a company. Shareholders are owners of the company and directors are like a manager who runs the show. There are no special qualifications or visas required for incorporation.

Requirement for incorporating a company:

  1. Director: Every company must have minimum one director of local citizenship or permanent resident or employment pass holder.
  2. Shareholder: An individual or corporate can be shareholder. In most of the small private limited companies, shareholders and directors may be the same person.
  3. Company secretary: Local resident and individual of the country needs to secretary of the company. All compliance aspects are taken care by the secretary, administrator of the company.
  4. Share Capital : Share capital usually depends on nature of business and its future plans.
  5. Local Registered Address: To register of company, every company needs to provide local address.

Documents required for Incorporation:

  1. Company Registration form
  2. Completed KYC form
  3. Copies of passports for all directors/ shareholders of proposed new company
  4. Residential address proof of all directors / shareholders
  5. Clients business profile in his home country.
  6. Bank statement/ bank reference letter
  7. Certificate of Incumbency of parent company
  8. Procedure and Timeline.
  9. Opening of a bank Account.

Company formation Services:

We provide expert guidance in setting up new business/ ventures across the world. Exploring new business opportunities, understanding legal procedures, networking with local authorities and a suitable business model to set up their business in any part of the world. Our services including company formation and registration, taxation, accounting and book keeping, audit and assurance, legal and branding consultation.

It is important to take local guidance for the success of the venture when you are venturing into a new location to establish your business or expanding your business. While investing your money in a foreign land, understanding the nuances of the business culture, the local government policies matter a lot for a business environment. Across the globe, we have experience in providing integrated business setup sevices.

We can help you to set up:

  • Public shareholding companies
  • Branch offices
  • Representatives Offices
  • Professional Firms
  • Private Limited Companies.