ESIC/PF/PT/ESOP planning and policy


ESIC – Employees’ state Insurance Corporation:

Employees’ state insurance (ESI) is a self-financing social security and health insurance scheme for Indian workers. The ESIC manages the funds according to rules and regulations stipulated in the ESI Act 1948. ESIC is a statutory body.

ESIC claim Form:

ESIC Form 6 – for Register of Employees

ESIC Form 11- for furnishing accident details

ESIC Form 12 – for seeking Accident Report from Employer

ESIC form 24 – Declaration and certificate for Dependents Benefit.

ESIC Form 23 – Life Certificate for Permanent Disablement Benefit.

ESIC Form 22 – Funeral Expenses Claim

ESIC Form 20- Claim for Maternity Benefit after the death of an Insured Women leaving behind the child

ESIC form 19 – Claim for Maternity Benefit and notice of work.

ESIC Return Due Date:

ESI return is done on a half yearly basis and the due dates are fixed as 11th of November and May.

Esic information:

The section 46 of the Act imagines following 6 social security benefits:

  1. Medical benefit
  2. Sickness benefit
  3. Enhanced benefit
  4. Disablement Benefit
  5. Dependent benefit
  6. Other benefit

The contribution are related to the paying capacity as a fixed percentage of the workers wages, whereas they are provided social security benefits according to individual needs without distinction.

Subject to certain contributory conditions, cash benefits are distributed by the Corporation through its Branch Offices (BOs)/ pay offices (POs).