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What is SME IPO?

The major contributor to Indian Economy is Small and Medium enterprises (SMEs). SME is a separate platform opened up by stock Exchanges in India to help SMEs to raise fund through investors in stock market. For SME stocks to get listed and being traded on exchange, company has to come up with an Initial Public Offer (IPO) at exchange’s SME platform. IPO is one of the popular way for companies to raise fund from investors and get listed on exchanges.

The criteria’s about SMEs to raise fund through IPO:

  1. For raising funds through IPO, SME should have a paid up capital of Rs 3 crores and same should be the net worth as well as its net tangible assets.
  2. For SME IPOs, as per SEBI guidelines minimum trading lot varies from 100 to 10000 depending upon the price band of the issue. Post listings, such lots are reviewed periodically and adjusted depending upon its price movements.
  3. In terms of section 124, of the companies act, 2013, companies should have at distributable profits, atleast 2 years of our immediately preceding three financial years.

How to invest in SME IPO:

Any investor can apply through ASBA at a bank of his/her choice provided that he/she:

  1. As per SEBI guidelines this is from any of the approved categories and eligible to apply.
  2. With the bank maintains a current or saving account.
  3. With DPs has an active demat account with PAN number or net banking account provided by the bank.
  4. For application money, saving or current account should have sufficient clear balance.

In the following two ways an investor can apply for an SME IPO:

  1. Online method: for applying any IPO, this method is most easy and convenient. You need to have net banking account provided by the bank or a demat account able to access online trading. Then investor can select the IPO he wants to invest.In case stocks are not allotted to him/her, funds via online fund transfer will be credited to the account.
  2. Offline method: From banks, investment consultants, brokers or other sources, physically get the ASBA application form for the IPO application. In the designated bank the forms needs to be filled and submitted along with the money. In case, stocks are not allotted then funds will be refund with cheque at your address.

SME IPO Review:

SEBI Registered Analysts provides SME IPO review in-depth SME IPO analysis to retail and HNI investors. Investors decides if the SME IPO is worth investing with data supporting SME IPO forecasting. SME IPO recommendations to tell if SME IPO is good to buy is provided by the reviews.

Detail analysis of the company background, offer detail, company valuation, capital structure, financial performance, strength, risks & benefits of investment etc are provided by SME IPO reviews. These SME IPO note are presented to keep both short and long term investors in mind.