Asset restructuring/OTS/Liquidation services

We can help you in restructure your assets and liabilities with long term focus.

We take into account all the aspects like financial, tax and legal while restructuring the business, to create win win situation for all the stakeholders. 

Asset restructuring/OTS/Liquidation services

The process of buying or selling of a company’s assets that comprises of far greater than half of the target company’s consolidated assets is known as Asset Restructuring. When the restructuring takes place, one-time expense needs to be funded by any company. Asset restructuring is a cost that may occur during the entire process of strategically writing off its assets or sometimes shifting the entire production facility to any new location, shutting down the manufacturing facilities and uniquely laying off all the non-strategic employees.

Asset Restructuring Company:

An asset reconstruction company is a special type of financial institution that purchases the debtors of the bank at a equally agreed value and attempts to recover the debts or associated securities by itself. Under RBI, asset reconstruction companies or ARCs are registered and under the Securitisation and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of securities Interest Act, 2002 ( SARFASESI Act, 2002) they are regulated.

An asset restructuring team has advised on many of the largest and most complex in-court and out of court restructurings and on cross border multinational structuring assignments. In relation to India’s IBC we have delivered on many erection arrangements across service lines such as valuation, restructuring, process advisory and forensic due diligence.

Liquidation of company In India meaning:

A process through which running company is shut down and its existence comes to an end is known as liquidation. This often happens when the companies need to sell off their assets to pay off the creditors. Voluntary also you can go for Liquidation where law ensures that all the debts of a company into existence is paid before it is closed or shut down.

Liquidation under Companies Act In India:

According to the companies act, 2013, section 271, a company can be wound up or liquidated in the two ways:

  • Voluntary
  • By the Tribunal

Nevertheless anything contained in any other Act, the provisions of this Act with respect to winding up shall apply to the winding up of a company in any of the modes specified under this section.

We can help you to restructure/turnaround/sell off your business in most feasible manner to create win win situation for all the stakeholders.