Personal loan/Housing loan

Personal Loan :

Personal loan with minimum documentation and quick processing.

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Housing loan :

We can provide you with housing loan at best rates.

Let it be fresh housing loan or let it be balance transfer, we can provide you end to end support.

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Banks and NBFCs Use following factors while calculating the home loan amount the borrower is eligible for.

  • Qualifying minimum age to apply
  • Net take home salary/Business Income
  • Regular Source of Income
  • CIBIL Score of 750 or above
  • Residence Status or Tenure
  • Property Type and Purpose
  • Valid Range of Loan-To-Value (60%-90%)
  • Remaining years of service
  • Tenure of home loan
  • EMI – if you are paying EMIs for other loans taken previously then this will also affect you home loan eligibility.