Business plan for startups

We prepare pitch deck for fund raising and business plan for effective business planning.

Business planning process followed at our end,

  1. Understanding purpose of preparation of pitch deck/business plan
  2. Requirements list shared with client
  3. Compilation of all data
  4. Research and multiple rounds of discussion with founders
  5. Presentation of first cut of the pitch deck and business plan
  6. Finalisation of pitch deck on content side
  7. Designing of pitch deck
  8. Final delivery of pitch deck along with teaser
  9. 3 free revision of business plan in six months (We understand business model evolves over period of time)

Business planning process

Content of Business plan/Pitch deck?

  • Business model, brand and team in detail
  • Product, pricing and target audience
  • Evaluation of market size and Industry potential
  • Market segmentation, competitive positioning and USP
  • Defining clear problem statement and solution
  • Curated short-term & long-term goals, mission and vision of the business
  • Revenue model development with sales plan and customer acquisition strategy
  • HR plan and organization structure
  • Marketing plan along with suitable strategy and budget
  • Operations plan
  • Expansion plan with timeline and budgeting
  • Assessment of funding requirement and optimum modes of funding
  • Financial Model – projected profit and loss
  • Financial Model – projected balance sheet
  • Key financial ratios like breakeven point, profit margins, working capital cycle and returns for investors etc.
  • Business valuation
  • SWOT analysis
  • Risk areas and mitigation strategies
  • Exit plan for Investors and promoters





Frequently asked questions on business plan

1. What is Business plan and pitch deck?

Business plan is a detailed plan about what you are planning to do and how you are going to execute this business plan. 

A pitch deck is a presentation/ deck of slides that one brings to potential investors. The pitch deck is an effective summary of the key items in the business plan.

2. Why to prepare business plan? OR Are business plans useful? OR Objective of preparing business plan and pitch deck?

It is not only fund raising but also effective business planning. Just think of any recent activity/project that you completed and assess importance of planning the project in advance. Planning it helped you? Same way it goes for business plan.

3. What are the best business planning frameworks/format? OR What does a good business plan consist of?

There is no standard business planning framework that fits all. It varies depending on sector and present stage/scale of business. To know about what business plan should include you can refer content of business plan as mentioned above.

4. What is good business plan for startups?

Good business plan is one which provides need to know information to its user (say investor) with detailed working on the same.

5. Should I prepare business plan for startup at Idea stage?

Yes, it is needed to save on monetary investment and time investment on idea of startup. Business plan is written document and when it comes to writing something it certainly increases clarity on subject. Writing business plan brings you clarity and allows you to know key points where you need to work on before launching your project/startup idea.  

6. I am not looking to raise funds; do I need pitch deck?

No, you need not prepare pitch deck. A pitch deck is used when a potential investor, partner, or client wants to know the basic information about company. With regards to business plan, every business should have business plan for effective business planning irrespective of you are planning to raise funds or not.

7. Should I share business plan with investor?

Business plan provide detailed guide as to your business operations and certain confidential information also. To begin with just share pitch deck with investor -> once investor shows interest and you are also interested to move forward with investor -> you can go ahead and share detailed business plan post signing NDA with investor.

8. What are tips for presenting pitch deck?

  • Know your investor background
  • Keep your pitch short and simple
  • Practice pitch before presenting to investor
  • Present a solution as to current actual problem you are trying to solve
  • Prove traction and you can do it
  • Outline why you need funds and investor like him/her
  • Note down questions raised by investors

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