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8 months ago

what is my legal and tax liability? (1) organised an online "fundraising " from 100 online anonymous people ( usa residents included) 1a) amount raised = 2.5 million usd 2) use these to buy future crypto tokens ( delivery at a future date). 3) company could not deliver crypto tokens. 4) so new company/entity was setup to finish what "step 3 "had ended. 5) this new company gave me 1000 shares (registered in bermuda with my indian tax number + kyc)--(2.5 million in consideration). 6)now the new company will give me crypto tokens in equal proportions to the 1000 shares i own (2.5 million in consideration). 7) i now distribute these tokens to the 100 pool members from step 1. 8) since all this activites were done under my KYC + tax number, then what are my legal and tax liabilities 9) does the fundraised amount (2.5 millionn) get added to my "income tax ),so i need to pay 30% of 2.5 million to the income tax dept, as all the money was routed thru my kyc + tax details? please ask me for any more data input for the above issue, much appreciated)

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