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ABOUT EXPERTMILE is platform to connect right professional with right client at right time. We are focused only on finance and compliance professionals namely professionals dealing in TAX, FINANCE, LEGAL and SECRETARIAL field. Experts are from various locations having quality experience averaging 9 years having qualifications like chartered accountant, company secretary, CMA, MBA in finance, PHD in finance, Advocates and lawyers. Our vision remains to connect thousands of registered client and visitors to right professional to enable them handling compliances and finance at ease.

Salaried emloyees, businesses, trusts, societies should register as users.

Registration is for FREE, To register fill up basic details about you. Click here to register

No, expertmile is completely FREE platform for users.

You need to make payment to experts if you have taken their services as per terms agreed between you and experts.

We do not facilitate online payment to expert through our platform

A practicing chartered accountant, company secretary, CMA, advocate/lawyers and finance professionals should register as an expert on expertmile. Click here to register

Registration is for FREE, To register fill up basic details about professional me, which will be shown on your public profile. Click here to register

1. Get business leads through your online presence

2. Interact with professionals, Unique platform to interact amongst professionals

3. Keep yourself updated with laws, rules and updates

4. Write articles showcasing your specialization

5. Get engaged with potential clients

6. Amazing professional profile and dashboard

Users decides whom to give assignment, our study shows getting assignment is function of complete verified profile(showcasing assignments handled by you), Articles written by you showing your expertise,Review and ratings by users and quotation given.

Miles are basically points given to experts

You can earn miles through three sources

1) Successful registration 25 miles

2) 25 miles for each article contributed and approved at our end

3) You can get miles by making payment and upgrade your profile

Miles can be used for making payment of application fees for new assignment/leads, which will help you to grow your business

Miles can also be used for buying Keywords, which will make you more searchable on search engines

Higher miles also helps you on improving your page ranking for keywords. For example Two experts have taken same keyword "Government subsidy advise" in same location, in that case they will appear on the basis of miles

Can I encash miles ?

No as of now there is no provision for encashment of miles

Users search for expert near their location on the basis of their requirement, for eg. "Finance consultant", "VAT Registration","MCA compliances","Property lawyer"

We give experts independence to select their own keyword which defines their services better.

While registering experts can always select their area of services later they can add services using keywords.

More and more keywords make you more and more searchable to clients.

Users prefers verified profile than non verified profile. You can decide your profile plan depending on your positioning.

We follow pay as you use, your miles(points) deducted from your balance only when you are getting leads on platform.

Yes we do it on best effort basis to bring best assignments for you, But we request experts to follow their own policy while dealing with clients.

Articles works for you 24*7*365 days across globe

Articles showcase your area of expertise

Articles makes you more searchable on search engines like google, yahoo etc and also on expertmile search.

On expermile we make best effort to convert articles into lead generation tool for your business

We also award 25 miles to experts on articles approved by our team as a token of appreciation and knowledge sharing effort by expert.