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ITR filing through experts

In the era of technology and systems availability title of this article sounds little odd, as there are numerous number of applications available online to file your income tax returns yourself. People need to file their income tax returns very carefully because of its importance and now open system and tracking of even minute transaction of yours made it more important and tactful task. Following are reasons why one should file income tax returns through experts,


Its importance is mainly for one reason that it becomes government paper or one can say proof of asset in certain cases for assesses.

Cost of filing through Experts is peanuts:

Cost of filing basic income tax returns are ranging from Rs. 2500 to Rs. 5000.., depending on volume of transactions by assesses.

Application or software:

Many applications and software available are just under stabilization period as they are not more than 1-2 year old products. It’s better not to try with yourself.

Tax planning:

Applications or software doesn’t have brain/mind with them, who can suggest you for tax planning. So whatever you save its just myth you might be losing more than what you saved.

Saving of time:

Save time of yours and give it in hands of experts. To be honest Indian acts are so scattered and vast even experts/professionals needs to work hard to keep updates by investing their time.


In nutshell, save your time and save money; appoint expert and have good sleep after filing your income tax returns too.

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