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Papa Pawsome aims to help the Pet parents bond with their fur babies and enjoy the journey of Pet Parenting

Papa Pawsome aims to help the Pet parents bond with their fur babies and enjoy the journey of Pet Parenting

Papa Pawsome is a brand offering natural grooming products for your pets. They offer products like Aromatherapy massage oils, SLS & Paraben free Shampoo, Silicone-free serum, Healing Balm, Paw cream & Waterless shampoos. All the products are vegan, cruelty-free and do not contain any harsh chemicals.

It started because of Aurum (the founder’s Dog). He developed a kidney issue and his parents (owners) were looking for a natural and effective paw cream. There were no paw creams available in the market at that point in time. So, they decided to formulate their own. Once they were able to do that, they shared it with their friends and relatives and this way, they embarked upon a journey of identifying more such gaps in the Indian pet market. They took a couple of months to do more research and then introduced a range of nine products like a serum for tangling issues and a healing balm for scratches. Finally, Papa Pawsome was born.

Papa Pawsome founderIndia is dominated by expensive imported products which makes pet parenting expensive. Natural products are required for Pets as they have the tendency to lick everything applied to them, but these products are not easily accessible. Papa Pawsome solves both the problems by offering natural solutions to problems at affordable rates as they are a 100% Made in India Brand.

Before starting Papa Pawsome, Nishita completed MBA from IIT Kharagpur and was into a corporate job as a Senior Manager. Even while working, she always had the zeal to start a business. So, she combined her love for animals and business into Papa Pawsome. They wanted Aurum to be the ‘Papa’ who is wise and gives good advice to his fellow mates and since he is awesome, so was born the name ‘Papa Pawsome’.

They started research in 2017, launched products in 2018 end, and launched the brand in the market in 2019.

The founders said that “The Indian pet market is evolving and we do not have clear regulations in place. For example, we do not have a certifying body specifically formed for authorizing pet products. We feel there is a need to have a separate regulatory and certifying body for pet products as well.”

Since a benchmark was not available in India, they looked at the US and took a proactive step and their products are now US FDA certified. They give the customers a certified and effective product and are gaining their trust.

They have done Rs 50+ Lacs in Sales in this financial year and have a base of 5000 customers. The firm is bootstrapped currently and is looking to raise fund soon that will be used for reaching more customers and building the brand.

In the next few years, the firm sees itself, “As the first and trusted choice for grooming products of a Pet Parent. We are an All Natural, Made in India brand that offers solutions to the issues a dog faces at affordable prices which gives us an edge over others.”

On being asked about the start-up community in India, Nishita said, “It is really exciting to see the start-up community growing like never before. We have great ideas, great minds, great energy working on problems that seemed unsolvable in the near past. With AI and machine learning, various horizons to connect with the audience have opened up. Now a student is more confident to take their idea seriously and convert it into a sizeable business. No longer are engineering and medical the stereotypical career choices. The perception towards a startup in improving and funds are available if the idea has potential.”

The firm believes that the government is playing a very crucial role in boosting start-ups. The Start-up India initiative, various tax benefits that a startup has, mentoring from industry experts are various ways in which the government is helping.

To Nishita, the second industry is waste management that looks promising. It is an industry completely overlooked. Every human has a contribution however there is little or no knowledge about the proper disposal of it. She advises upcoming start-ups to believe in their idea, execute, fail, correct yourself and execute again but never give up!

You can checkout Papa Pawsome here

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