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You no longer need to download various apps for various purposes to book appointments. Find all vendors at one place with this new application

You no longer need to download various apps for various purposes to book appointments. Find all vendors at one place with this new application

PontApp is India’s only mobile application that offers vendors from various industries (hospitals, luxurious and premium salons, apparel stores, and jewelry stores) to come together on a single platform to manage their appointments. Being a user - now you don't have to download so many apps or visit individual websites or make personal calls to book your slot, you just have to download one single app and book an appointment for anywhere before stepping out of your home.

founder and CEO of PontAppCharvi Garg ( Founder and CEO of PontApp, coming from a business family, always wanted to have her own company one day but wasn’t sure of the type of the business. To enhance her skills and knowledge, she pursued BBA Finance from NMIMS Mumbai. She did various part time internships in startups to embrace concepts and get into the startup environment. She completed her graduation in March 2020, at a time when the country was going through a lockdown situation. She was jobless and hopeless too as she felt even after doing so much hard work, she had nothing in her hands. Then in the month of May, one night while staring at the ceiling of her room this idea clicked to launch an application and digitalize the appointment system as the lockdown was not the solution but working with a proper system could help the country to fight the pandemic. She discussed this idea with her mom, who appreciated Charvi for the same and gave lots of inputs, and the very next morning Charvi started researching on the same.

She took the pandemic as an opportunity instead of a threat. After seeing the falling GDP and years old businesses shutting down on daily basis because of incapability of surviving the pandemic situation and increasing rate of unemployment all over the country, she wanted to help these businesses with technology integration and therefore started her company to help businesses and the customers not only in this pandemic but also for creating strong customer relations for a lifetime. Millions of businesses are already working on the appointment system but they do not have a proper system and for a user also, it is difficult to go through different platforms all the time. Now we have an era where people are demanding a single platform for everything, we used to hesitate downloading apps or providing our information multiple times, and then there is PontApp, one-time registration, and book appointments within a few clicks.

Charvi had personally made a lot of appointments for various designers and salons and it was a tedious task to do. Going through individual processes was not easy and most of the time it was pathetic. Then we had to face the covid pandemic, at that time this idea of simplifying digitalizing the appointment turned into a business. Before the pandemic, 50% of the businesses were working only through prior appointments but after the pandemic, it has risen to 85%. Businesses have already identified the solution to provide the best customer experience and increase the conversion rate by working with appointments but they don’t have a proper system to do so, so here Pont App comes into the picture. PontApp, a single online platform to help in meeting the customers to the sellers at their most convenient time.

The start-up has been solving a variety of problems like the crowd at the stores, rush hour woes, suffering customer loyalty, inability to provide personalized and best customer experience.

This start-up went live in the month of July 2021, so they are at an early stage and have launched this app in Hissar, Haryana, but the team got a great response from there and started generating revenue too. They are planning to launch PAN India by the end of 2022.

As the firm is the first in the market, therefore they do have some advantages and disadvantages. They first needed to make the fact convincing to the vendors about the importance of online appointments. Their staff was not capable of handling online portals; therefore, training had been conducted at different locations. 

Currently, the firm is facing a major challenge and that is listing vendors from various industries. And they are working on the same by pitching their business to investors so that they will be able to get their contacts which will ultimately help their business to list big players on their application.

They have managed to generate revenue of Rs.4,00,000 with one single industry (healthcare - 3 hospitals) in tier 2 city within 7 months. They have approx. 70-85 downloads in a day.

This start-up is completely bootstrapped as of now. However, they are planning to raise INR 80 lakhs through participating in various Startup programs, crowdfunding, and venture capitalists. Their startup has been selected for the Shark Tank India round 2 and got an opportunity to get incubated by AIC-NMIMS.

The start-up seeks to have at least 10000 vendors onboarded PAN India along with having other businesses also like professional services - lawyers, interior designers, financial advisors in the next 3 years.

As they are first in the market, therefore they don’t have direct competition but they do have indirect competition like other apps in the health care sector. But as they are focusing on building their startup in a horizontal way (targeting various industries) instead of a vertical way (expertise in a single industry only), providing one single platform gives them a competitive advantage.

Charvi believes that the startup community in India is growing at a tremendous rate, almost 3739 apps are launched every day but the difference between a successful mobile app and one that fails is the user experience. Launching an application that can cater to today’s as well future needs gives one the first-mover advantage and hence help you to have a successful start-up with million dollars of valuation.

They are constantly active on the startup India portal through which they have analyzed that the government is contributing a lot to boost-up startups by launching various events and programs like startup India Innovation week, seed scheme, ONDC hackathon, etc. GOI is also trying to provide an ecosystem where startups, investors, mentors, and incubators come together to have a healthy discussion and build networks.

Charvi’s advice to new startups is, “Be consistent, consistency is everything. We as young entrepreneurs start our startups by dreaming of high valuations but as a startup, tasks pile up very fast, resources are limited and every day is a challenge. Being consistent is the only way to turn a startup into a big business. And remember your most admired company was also a startup at some point in time.

PontApp is India’s first and only platform that is valuing the TIME of customers and vendors by digitalizing the appointment system, they aim to bring all the industries on PontApp and are deemed to be the biggest and easiest booking platform in India.

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