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This start-up saves time for the procurer of goods and services in the MSME space with its smart platform.

This start-up saves time for the procurer of goods and services in the MSME space with its smart platform

Bid4Best (B4B) is an intelligent marketplace that aims to ease the procurement process. B4B connects Bulk Buyers & Sellers through an automated process and aims to drastically reduce the time frame of getting quotes and reduce the pain on multiple bid evaluation, procurement processes and bring out the best possible quotes for small and medium businesses within the shortest span of time. Bid4Best has got the Reverse Auction model as its spine and is fueled by Smart Algorithm and Advanced Analytics to revolutionize the whole B2B Procurement Ecosystem and drive innovation for their users.

While doing some research on MSME in India, Bid4Best realized that procurement as a function is not very well organized and existing solutions are either broken or nonexistent as per current market demand. Lesser or no players in the end-to-end procurement of B2B marketplace who can connect for convergence in the B2B Procurement and the problem is big enough to solve for India. They include:

  1. Digital technology
  2. Analytics
  3. AI/ML
  4. Lack of Automation
  5. Low or no visibility

Bid4best (B4B) will bring revolution to Micro Small-medium Enterprises (MSMEs) by enhancing corporate strategy, driving innovation, leveraging Data and financial leadership. Bid4best will bring ease to procurement by reducing time and efforts on less productive task's i.e., vendor sourcing, vendor evaluation, quote evaluation, multiple Negotiation. Now the procurement professionals can focus more on innovation for organizations. Now the organizations will be able to procure faster, cheaper, easier in a more transparent way, visible to the relevant stakeholders.

Bid4Best  founder Gaurav Sonker Gaurav Sonker is the co-founder of Bid4Best Technologies and has previously worked with several esteemed organizations before pursuing his passion and starting this venture. Some of his past affiliations with industries include Human Resources, IT, Engineering, and BSFI. Alongside his versatile portfolio comes an equally impressive working experience, with over 16+ years of experience in Marketing and Strategies. He also spends time on reading and traveling.

Jayant Singh, the second co-founder of Bid4Best Technologies, has extensive experience of working alongside big companies in Retail, Internet, Automobile industries, Recruitment, with Fintech in Client Acquisition Capacity.  Jayant has experience of over 14+ years. Together, their vast and versatile experience in many industries provides them with intensive and minute details about business management and gaining profits. Their expertise and joined efforts are what add value to Bid4Best Technologies. He also spends time with Cars and Research.

The founders had the vision to accommodate a digitally connected and linked value creation platform for India’s Economic and Social transformations for MSMEs by 2025.

The brainchild of this ideology is Bid4Best Technologies, an intelligent market space created to alleviate the procurement process for micro and small businesses and averagely capitalized enterprises.

The company changed in 4 years of its existence. The business took off with Jayant and Gaurav as the only employees who worked efficiently to expand the business and slowly introduce a board of compassionate and intelligent employees in the venture. Their team’s support and conscientious and diligent labor helped transform scattered and disordered MSME procurements into the most methodized and structured procurement through smart automation.

They started this venture with a magnanimous idea but a small capital. What lacked in funding was overcompensated by their sheer and daunting determination; sharp concentration, brave deed, and raw passion for making this venture a successful reality.  One of the main challenges they still face is to find the go-getters with never-give-up attitude members for their team who are equally enthusiastic and passionate about transforming the future of MSME. Bid4best took small steps to build on that.

Till now, there are about 28000+ small and medium businesses registered on their portal and growing from across India. They have managed to produce the best outputs from users in such harsh conditions and even registered a growth of 3850% (Top Line) & 200% (Bottom Line) during the lockdown era. The complete isolation and simultaneous digitalization of the world during the pandemic allowed Bid4Best Technologies to provide their clients an opportunity to run their business remotely and find new buyers and sellers from various parts of the world, with just the click of a button. Even in the worst times, Bid4Best managed to run successfully and strategize to maximize profits and user satisfaction.

On being asked about the future forecast of the startup, the founder said that, “B4B’s Transparent and Open Bidding Platform will trigger the competition resulting in More Value Focused Deals. This will not only save money but also mitigate the Risk & Challenges from regular Procurement channels.

Trying to create an Ecosystem where Indian B2B Procurement is completely revolutionized making it more Process & Structure Oriented and creating greater employment opportunities in India.

The existing solutions are either broken or nonexistent. To bridge the gap Bid4Best provides:

  • End-to-End Procurement Solution
  • Provides Real-time status of requirements,
  • Saves Efforts of Quote Evaluation,
  • Deal Focused not Money Focused,
  • One-Stop-Shop for Multiple Industry Requirements

Bid4Best is happy to experience the help and support from the community at various stages of its start-up in all aspects. They are amazed to see the kind of creativity and enthusiasm around start-up and its founders bring around. They believe that India will be one of the greatest innovators in the near future.

Bid5Best does see the Indian government very focused on providing an environment that India needs for its growth. Some of the great initiatives from the Government of India like Startup India, Digital India and Make in India initiatives are trying to create a supportive Ecosystem for MSME.

The founder believes that there is no fixed formula to success but they would like to suggest that startups should take risks, make mistakes, establish an open and innovative work culture, find and know about their target audience, to not be frightened of the rivals and to do their work right and let the investors chase them, instead of the other way round.

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