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Here’s a startup that provides a multisport OTT platform for all the sport tournament organizers to broadcast their games in a cost-effective way.

Here’s a startup that provides a multisport OTT platform for all the sport tournament organizers to broadcast their games in a cost-effective way

Founded in August 2019, SportVot is a multisport OTT platform where you can watch grassroots and community sports matches, highlights and catch emerging athletes in action. They provide a cost effective and convenient way for sports bodies and tournament organizers to broadcast their games, connect with their local community and earn money from viewership and advertisements.

About 99% of the sports games in the world are not live streamed. Sports streaming is expensive and difficult for sports bodies and tournament organizers. Thousands of dollars are spent in buying expensive hardware and software licenses as well as making provisions for OB vans. Hiring the right service providers is challenging and heavy on your pockets.

That’s when SportVot comes to the rescue. Their idea is to simplify Sports live streaming for below the premiere league tournaments. They have developed their own streaming solution that lets anyone in the world produce quality live sports streams, using just a smartphone. They earn revenue in 3 ways: End to end or remote streaming as a service, SaaS subscription of the studio for streaming it yourself, and advertising on the SportVot platform. This way, they started getting paid for acquiring their own customers.

SportVot FOUNDERSidhhant Agarwal | Founder & CEO 8 years of experience building software and technology products. Worked with Oracle and Cashcare in the past. Built Thisgameweek, the first cross geography real money multi-currency fantasy gaming platform, operational in India and Africa, partnered with Nazara games (largest mobile gaming platform in India) for publishing the game across geographies. Exited it in late 2018. At the helm of SportVot since January 2019.

Yash Bhagwatkar | Co-Founder & COO

4 years of operational experience, with 2 years of corporate operations at Accenture. He has spearheaded the sports operational network of broadcasters, content creators, sports talent, and data collectors in Maharashtra, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Delhi.

Shubhangi Gupta | Co- Founder & CMO

Digital marketing and Branding executive with around 5 years of experience. She has developed around 40+ brands including some marquee brands. She also had 2 other startups in the past. One named EthKnits, a handicraft online boutique, and Nite Owls, a small Digital Marketing agency specializing in startups.

Sidhhant and Yash being a passionate sports lover, they used to work on cricket & football analytics together and also had their own YouTube show named The Free Hit Project. A couple of months into their show, they kept interacting with a couple of sports enthusiasts and saw the need for more sports coverage beyond the regular International Football and Cricket leagues. Shubhangi used to help them with getting more traction on the content. A lot of upcoming talent came to them to make their cricket performance reports to help them get better placements. That was the beginning of the idea of our core product and vision of the company. To create a technology to cater to the grassroots sports.

Figuring out the most cost-efficient live streaming setup was a challenge. Not every tournament organizer can afford an expensive set up and a lot of the founder’s time went in research and development for the right set of tools required to make this process cheap and easy.

They started developing their core tech product- SportVot Studio that simplifies multi camera angle sports broadcasting with live scores and sponsor cues production, all possible with the power of your own smartphones. With the help of this unique tech, they started partnering with Sports Associations, clubs, and other sporting bodies to broadcast their games in two models: Stream it yourself or request for streaming services.

The firm has raised INR 76 lacs so far via friends and family and via StartupBootCamp Australia. They are in the middle of closing a Seed Round, and we have a roadmap of doing series A in late 2022. Till Date SportVot has about 21 MN+ Viewers, 10.3k games streamed, 50k+ athletes profiled, active in 6 countries.

In the next few years, SportVot wants to see every single tournament below the professional league being streamed on its platform, every athlete using SportVot player profiles as a tool to get better placements and also participating in SportVot Signature Leagues; hence completing the full talent pathway on SportVot itself.

On being asked about what gives the startup a competitive edge in the industry, the founders said that, “The EU platforms in our space and quite a few scattered channels on YouTube have shown the demand for local sports content consumption.  But the biggest challenge today is still to make broadcasting/streaming cost effective and accessible with significant upfront investment. We focus on minimizing the upfront cost of setting up, providing the end-to-end service and simplifying the video capture first which is the biggest reason behind 99% of the games not being telecast. This has helped us scale better than the competition.

The firm is really pumped to see the new products coming up in the market and how these unique products are being given opportunities to grow. The founders find the developments in the ESports and FinTech sectors particularly interesting.

On being asked about their advice for upcoming start-ups and ideas, SportVot said, “Your team and execution is the key. Spend more time on trying and testing ideas with your team before going all out on money and resources.”

SportVot is truly on a mission to transform the grassroots and community sport and level the playing field. Help them in their endeavor to provide our grassroots and community sports the coverage they deserve.

You can checkout SportVot here

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