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This business comes with a belief that confident investors with a structured method can take their own decisions and do much better in financial markets

This business comes with a belief that confident investors with a structured method can take their own decisions and do much better in financial markets

IndiaCharts educating investors about market analysis methods and showcasing that it works with publication of analysis on real time charts every day. Once confidence grows, the investors can take a complete Mentorship Training to master the method.

The idea started with sharing market analysis about key indices in the Indian Market with traders and investors over a blog [] and email newsletter. This later took the form of a paid newsletter with daily weekly monthly reports covering multiple asset classes and explaining how they interact with each other resulting in market trends. They called this the Long Short report. Then their study went into understanding economic cycles and application of that knowledge on the Indian stock market. Resulting in the Kondratieff cycle study of Indian equities. This knowledge set appears way advanced for individual investors but they believe that a larger understanding of how markets operate is key to prediction market trends and better investment decisions.

Founder IndiaCharts Rohit SrivastavaThe founder, Rohit Srivastava, came to the market to become a full-time investor and trader and create wealth. His journey to studying markets started in 1990 and he worked in Research Fund Management and Portfolio Management and Strategy from 1994 onward, acquiring an MBA in Finance between 1997-1999 to further his career. He spent 18 years of this at Sharekhan Ltd from 2001-2019 in various roles applying the science of markets for the betterment of investors.

“Sharing the knowledge with a mass audience has become very easy with the advent of online business models which are low cost and organic with the use of social media. This made it easy to set up a financial blog for markets and get going right away. We instantly felt the need to educate people first because without that they could not consume the knowledge that we were sharing. The gap is very large and most investors want the easy way out of being spoon fed. This was a challenge. But if higher goals were to be achieved a higher path to learning would have to be the choice investors would have to make. We have therefore been patient in allowing market forces to work our way with slow recognition for the work we were doing. But a steady growth path emerged,” was Rohit’s motivation and purpose behind starting IndiaCharts.

Their customer base has grown six-folds over the last two years and revenue ten-folds. The start-up has been funded complete with the founder and internal cash flow. The business model has been to grow based on their own financial strength and not by going overboard on funding and debt that becomes an obligation in the long term. Their objective is to generate cash flow every year and not bleed to grow.

Growing slowly versus growing fast was the challenge. Speeding up their reach to investors and traders in need was key to taking off. A combination of tie ups with industry leading business and use of organic content over social media, YouTube videos and podcasts have helped spread the word. “The more you are able to do for others in the online world, that much finds its way back,” quotes Rohit.

Their vision for future is, “We see room to continue to grow at a breadth taking pace because of the large influx of new investors coming to financial markets since 2020 as seen in new account openings at depositories and brokers. This is a high growth opportunity in the financial education space. Our model however stands out as we have taken the guts to do it differently from the rest of the crowd in this space.”

IndiaCharts approach to use the newsletter to educate on application of a multi asset class model using global macros as an input raises the bar on what you understand and learn and how you interpret daily news. The “Weekend with IndiaCharts” show every weekend has become a hit with investors and traders trying to understand what markets are doing and why. Their Mentorship program conducts 100’s of hours of engagement with participants over 3-4 months and allows then repeat attend all future sessions to keep clearing doubts. They even conducted an offsite for Mentee’s to interact one on one for 6 nights at Lonavala, and give them live examples of how to execute one’s strategy. They gave gone way behind the normal with a program that starts with basics and ends with advanced. Recently they have launched a decision-making indicator on a national trading platform that will allow people to generate their own buy/sell signals. No short cuts.

IndiaCharts is still a start-up and they are evolving as they move along, working on expanding the amount of analytical information they can put in the hands of investors and traders to take their decisions better.

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