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A platform for the next billion, who are going to get the taste of the internet for the first time

A platform for the next billion, who are going to get the taste of the internet for the first time

MagTapp Technologies main ethos is eliminating the language barrier from the beginning. They always wanted to be the first contact point for the new internet users. Right now, they are focused on three things. First of all, they are eliminating the language barrier, secondly, they are developing an empowerment tool which will hugely benefit the common users and last but not the least they are providing some very premium services to all the students and teachers across the globe for free of cost.

As most of their target customer base will be experiencing the power of the internet for the first time, they have made almost every service of theirs free. Most certainly the idea came from a personal experience and it felt like it’s quite relevant and relatable to most of the Indians whose primary tongue is not English. In order to solve this basic problem MagTapp have become a mainstream service provider and a business entity at the same time. Because of the widespread user base, the demand for platforms like theirs is huge. So, it gave them an extra opportunity to transform it into a business.

founder MagTapp Technologies Satyapal Chandra (first from the left), Founder & CEO at MagTapp Technologies, was passing through a village in Bihar called Rasalpur and he halted there for a while for tea. There he saw a girl who was doing her homework by reading an article on Google. While reading she was continuously switching between browser and dictionary apps. This simple problem clicked into his mind and then he discussed this problem with Rohan Singh (second from the left), Co-Founder & CPO at MagTapp Technologies, and also told him about the One Tap Visual meaning idea. Rohan connected with him on Facebook. They had also worked together in his earlier ventures in Media Space. After Satyapal told him this problem, he also felt that he is facing this problem on a day-to-day basis while doing his college assignments.

Rohan started thinking about how they can solve this problem using technology and realized that the best way to solve this problem is by combining a Web Browser, Document Reader, Dictionary & Translator into one single app, making everything integrated. 99% of the time content is being read online in a Web Browser or in the form of documents or on WhatsApp, Facebook, text messages. So, creating an All-in-One App with a Multi-Purpose feature made sense. He discussed this with his younger brother Abhishek Singh (third from the left), CTO at MagTapp Technologies, who is a technology person, and thus they created a basic prototype of MagTapp. Satyapal showed this prototype to some of the existing investors in his early venture and thus they raised INR 1 Crore in a seed round and started their operation in Mumbai in July 2019, along with Sagar Malhotra as Head of Marketing.

Before MagTapp Satyapal was running a Media Company based in Mumbai and had written 10+ Best Selling Novels. Rohan and Abhishek were running a Product Development & Digital Marketing Company and running multiple Blogs online. Rohan also taught Digital Marketing to more than 10,000+ students.

Lack of experience was a critical factor that they faced at the initial stage of building this start-up as all their founders and the core management never had any experience in the tech sector. Sooner than later, that has been a positive factor for the product in the long run. Because of this diverse group of management, so many ideas have come through successfully. And somehow it transformed the app in a very pleasant way.

co-founder Rohan singh magtap They started testing their monetisation at the beta stage in January and they have totally generated over INR 7 lakh. Full monetization is yet to roll out. Their total number of downloads is 1.47 million with monthly active users at 425K and daily active users are 60K-100k. A user spends an average time of 11m 14sec. They raised INR 1 Crore in Seed Round from an eminent Angel Investor in Mumbai. Later raised INR 2.77 Crore in Pre-Series A Round from same Angel Investor and an individual bridge round of 1.43 crore. So total 5.2 Crore (0.7 million USD) up till this year 2021. Initially, their rating for the first 100 days varied from 4.2 to 4.3 but after the significant update and product improvement it increased to 4.5 to 4.6 and now there's no looking back.

“Currently the start-up industry is flourishing like never before. There's a huge insurrection of foreign direct investment in India, especially in the tech start-up sector and the recent pandemic has completely changed the approach towards career opportunities of industry professionals. so right now, there is a large number of brains available to adequately fill and run a company.”

Their advice to all the new founders and CEOs would be, “that there is a lot of opportunity in the market even if there is competition in some sectors and the best part about India is, it is a market where competitors can coexist because of its huge population base. So, build something that you personally would want to consume and would recommend to your family and friends.”

As per Business standard report 2020, currently, India has over 500 million internet users and by 2022 it is going to add over 200 million more. As they are solving the very basic problem of eliminating the language barrier to get more and more people on the internet bandwagon. Based on their performance and progress, in the coming five years they are aiming to get over 40% of the total market share in mobile browsing domestically and around 30% globally.

“We aspire to be the most respected and valued Ed-Tech company in the whole world. And we want to be the first point of entry to the internet for most Indians. And at the same time, we want to be a one-stop solution for productivity, especially for students,” were the concluding statements.

You can check out MagTapp Technologies at: and also download their app from MagTapp for Android.

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