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A Singapore based “One-Stop-Shop” for catering to all the needs of a health tech start-up

A Singapore based “One-Stop-Shop” for catering to all the needs of a health tech start-up

White Hole Hub was established in 2020 with an aim to improve the odds of success for any start-up that is making a difference in the healthcare space. WHH provides mentorship support, strategy consulting, market access, and business development support to help startups succeed in their journeys. Start-ups have the option to either pay in cash or equity. WHH is more interested to put skin in the game and earn equity versus cash.

Soon, it was realised that more than anything, start-ups need a platform to raise funds. That is when WHH launch “PhysicianVC” platform to connect start-ups with potential investors, more specifically physicians. Having subject matter experts as a strategic investor would definitely bolster the endeavours to crack the tough market. WHH, through its vast network, is providing an opportunity for investors from healthcare industry to educate themselves about the investing nuances.

Subsequently, WHH launched Healthcare Founders Forum to host webinars and education series to discuss topics related to fundings, doctor-preneurs, mentorship, etc. WHH is planning to also raise a VC fund of their own to directly invest in the start-ups that are under its acceleration umbrella.

WHH is laser focussed on making an impact in the healthcare sector. It is but natural that any impact would require a strong knowledge and support from the front line. WHH identifies clinicians as the chief change maker.

Underutilization of the clinical talent is part of the reason why the change in healthcare has been tenacious or even running in the wrong direction. Only 2% of health tech start-ups survive for more tan 3 years. Most of them fail because they failed to correctly identify a root problem. In other words, the lacked diversity in their team and were dependent on outside resources for the subject matter expertise. With a clinician on the team, their survival rate for health tech start-up should jump 3-5 times.

Many seasoned physicians are willing to invest in start-ups that they find worthy. When we spoke to such physicians, it was learnt that they have the money and will, but limited access to the right kind of start-ups. Through WHH’s PhysicianVC platform, these investors can now attend pitch sessions, ask questions, and invest in the start-ups. Post investments, WHH helps the start-ups and investors to maintain an engaging channel till the time latter decides to exit (of course with a profit). WHH also provides a mentorship platform where the seasoned healthcare business professionals have committed their time to guide entrepreneurs who seek the advice.

WHH has over 50 mentors coming from very diverse background within healthcare industry. All of their mentors are highly accomplished individuals and are supper engaged to help the start-ups. The diversity is broad enough to fulfil any criteria. Their mentors are physicians, serial entrepreneurs, investment bankers, top tier consultants, CEOs of hospitals, professors, and many more. Many of these mentors are also potential investors who are actively investing in start-up ecosystem. The mentors are a great source of networking for the young co-founders. These mentors have the key to unlock many doors, whether it be market access, product testing, government alignment, or pure strategic placement of the start-up. WHH network is expanding exponentially, and they do consider adding new mentors, especially the ones requested by their portfolio companies.

WHH has three co-founders: one each from Toronto, Singapore, and Delhi. They are very global team covering 3 time zones, working 24x7. Singapore was a natural choice as it is a global financial hub and is an epicentre of investing action. Almost every large institutional investor is within an arm’s reach. The government regulations are very supportive of global start-ups. Asia overall is at a tipping point for the health-tech innovation. Singapore forms a great connection point between India and North America. Being in Singapore, WHH has the potential to help scale its portfolio companies to expand into middle east, Europe, and North America.

“We have covered a lot of ground in the past 12 months. For the next 6 months, the core team is aiming to stabilizing this momentum and build upon it thereafter. In 2022, we are expecting a blockbuster action happening on the deals side. In 2023, some of these deals should mature and reap the fruits from exists. We are keeping our fingers crossed to get the VC license and raise our first fund.” – WHH Co-Founders.

WHH is your partner in the revolution. Do reach out to them and let’s chat. You would be surprised what is in the store for you. Regardless of any start-up working or not with WHH, they are naturally inclined in interacting with the like-minded people. Being in health tech right now is the Amazon or Flipkart moment. With the right team, mentors, investors, and luck, every idea can be a unicorn.

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