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In nutshell, this start-up it is all about transforming the EdTech industry in India and take it globally

In nutshell, this start-up it is all about transforming the EdTech industry in India and take it globally

Sykes & Ray Equities startup is all about changing the face of Indian education system. Their company is more focused on bringing more and more courses which are more doable by students and can get them jobs easily. They are focusing more on making a bouquet of international courses wherein a student who aspires to have a global qualification can get all options under one roof. Also, they aim to take online teaching to the next level. They are building an infrastructure wherein students across the globe can learn and take benefit from our core teaching team present here in Mumbai.

The idea is to transform education & training industry. The vision is to provide students with unconventional courses which are globally recognized. With this thought process they started with Certified Financial Planner (CFP) course initially and then gradually year on year kept adding other international courses like ACCA, CMA (USA), CPA and CFA.

The problem of unemployment and underemployment. With time we have seen that corporate world has been very demanding in terms of qualification, skills, etc. Not every candidate can be a CA or have funds to do MBA to meet the expectations. Their courses help such candidates to achieve their dream career in lesser time and resources which are widely accepted by Big 4s, MNCs. Their courses have helped many to start their own venture and become self-employed.

It all started in 2011 when the FPA was founded by Jaishank Gupta of Sykes and Ray Equities. At the same time Ambition learning had started to do wonders in the field of corporate trainings. The two entities came together and the magic happened. They not only scaled new heights in the business, they also grew their teams 5X in a matter of couple of years. And since then, they have grown from strength to strength with teams becoming bigger, top line growing healthy and despite the covid challenges, the business has continued grow every year.

“The fire in the belly to do something new, fill a gap that wasn’t filled already, it was the gap between industry and academic that made the founders build the company to what it is today. We are catering to both B2B and as well B2C side of customers, this ensures that our learning’s from working with the corporate clients are implemented in teachings to the B2C customers i.e., the students. This ensures we constantly update the students of the new and upcoming skills needed in the industry which is something lacking in the academics today,” was the motivation behind founding this start-up.

Started in 2011, with just one course CFP. Over the next few years, the product became a hit all over India with them opening franchises in most of the top cities. And they replicated the success of CFP by starting multiple international courses like ACCA where they are gold partner and have already done over 500 admissions in last 2 years. CMA US, where despite covid, they did over 100 admissions in the first year. And this year they have launched CFA and CPA US, therefore no stopping for them.

Acceptance was the major challenge. Initially, when they came up with international courses, there was some resistance they faced from students and parents due to lack of awareness. Their worry was testified as they’re taught about only two or three handpicked conventional courses a commerce student can pursue.

“We started creating awareness. We conducted free workshops, webinars for students and their parents. We got on board various industry experts to come and address our prospective students. This helped us in building faith and trust among students and parents. We even started getting associated with colleges and conducted various Faculty Development Programs to educate faculties about the courses we offer, the scope and the career opportunities. We also started our placement cell wherein we started getting our students placed after their completion of course. This helped us in making more success stories which we used for our testimonials,” on how they overcame hurdles.

“The experience with FPA is awesome. I got all the help needed for studies from them. The faculty teaches very well and focuses on concept clarity which is most needed for everyone. They even help us for getting a good job at better organization. It is most recommended for everyone to join FPA for ACCA and other courses they offer.” – Akash Doshi, ACCA Student.

They ensure to give 100% placement assistance to the students which creates maximum traction. They spend heavily on digital marketing to create visibility of our products. They run various social media campaigns to create awareness and bust the myth associated with international courses. “We would continue to grow getting more partners on board, adding more cities, countries, products. We have hunger and our target to become the next Byjus in the BFSI segment,” is the founder’s vision.

“People and product are our USP. Founding partners are highly qualified and ambitious. The courses we offer (CFP, ACCA, CMA, CPA & CFP) are becoming instant hit among students. Our trainers are well qualified and master in their art. We have recently developed world class Learning Management System (LMS) to take online learning to a new level altogether. We also provide approved content for our courses,” were the closing statements.

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