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To make an impact online, you must get OFFLINE : A new advertising agency and production house you need to know about

To make an impact online, you must get OFFLINE : A new advertising agency and production house you need to know about

OFFLINE is a result-driven creative agency and production house based in Mumbai. From strategy for digital growth to content curation and design, influencer marketing, SEO and performance marketing, branded content collaborations, product photography and videography, they are the one place that can seamlessly execute everything a brand may need to achieve their marketing goals.

They are working towards two things - helping both big and small brands reach their business goals through creative ways and building a space where every motivated individual is free to grow and break their own records in the field of advertising while having fun doing what they love.

OFFLINE studio founder Swastica Swapn Swastica Swapn is a computer engineer who started her blog while studying as by the 2nd year into it she realised she didn’t want to write codes, but things that everyone could read. Right before graduating she landed an internship at Cosmopolitan India, a fashion and lifestyle magazine based in Delhi. For the next couple of years, she went on to work at a production house, broadcast media company and a couple of advertising agencies, leading some of the most amazing brands from the LVMH and IHCL groups, amongst others.

While developing her marketing and production skills, she continued to contribute as a writer to a couple of fashion and interior design magazines. At her core, she is a creator. Be it through design, words or films, she enjoys the process of creating something that solves a problem or simply inspires, every day.

“Having worked in the advertising world for quite a few years, I was sure of it being the perfect fusion of traditional and dynamic approaches and skill sets one needs to deliver excellence every day. While the work requires a creative and motivated environment, I always found the work culture at my past agencies to be quite the opposite. #AgencyLife is something that has very negative connotations and surprisingly, has become so normalized by the people in this industry almost as if it stands no scope for change. I loved what I did but I didn’t find the right place to push my creative boundaries and that’s when it hit me, to create my own space where we can try and eliminate all the negative bits about working in the advertising industry and amplify the positives of creative liberty,” says Swastica Swapn, Founder, Offline Studio and Digital Solutions.

Since they started it in the middle of the pandemic, most brands were struggling to shell out marketing and production budgets which definitely slowed down their growth process in the initial months of incorporation. And it truly demotivates and makes somebody question the choices, especially if it’s a bootstrapped business. So, trying every day and innovating for growth was a challenge that surely prepares for growth.

Swastica on how they overcame hurdles, “I think I just kept sowing the seeds without looking for a fruit. Building connections, reaching out to brands, pitching them ideas and not worrying so much about lack of responses or rejections. Our approach attracts the right type of clients who trust us with our expertise in the industry, like 9x media and Urbanic, amongst others.”

Her vision for OFFLINE is being one of the most creative independent agencies with a limited but absolutely exceptional team working on exclusive brands making sure every project done becomes a case study for the rest. She sees it being based in Mumbai or Goa in a couple of years but working with brands and businesses on projects across the globe.

Their most recent and most challenging experience has been the production of Urbanic’s brand film. With a very tight timeline to limitations due to the monsoon season, a lot of things went awry but they managed to make it right. The brand film is not just inspiring women in India but is also in Brazil and Russia as Urbanic is a London-based fashion brand expanding globally. It was a two-day outdoor shoot in Goa with a crew of over 60 members who sacrificed sleep, food and comfort just to make this beautiful film happen. And it is OFFLINE’s first fashion ad. Hopefully the first of many more breath-taking experiences to come.

“While our services are mostly based on digital platforms and growth, going offline is frequently used in context of relaxing, connecting with one another and having a good time. Conversations happen online but connections happen OFFLINE. We consume online but create OFFLINE. Insights are available online but the impact happens OFFLINE. We influence online but inspire OFFLINE. And we are where the connections, creation, inspiration and impact happen. Let’s do that for your brand. Let’s get OFFLINE?”, she said, on being asked why she chose the name she did for her advertising agency.

If you’re a brand looking to partner up with a creative team as invested as yourself in your business, you can reach out to Offline at or on Instagram.

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