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A “Mobile First” tech platform particularly catering to the education industry providing products and services to manage and administer their study programmes

A “Mobile First” tech platform particularly catering to the education industry providing products and services to manage and administer their study programmes

Moryaas Digital is an Ed-Tech business simplifying education management. They solve challenges in day-to-day communication, secure premises, easy and transparent administration in terms of syllabus planning, online education, fees collection, exam and result preparation etc.

Moryaas Digital founder Rupesh DoshiWhile involved in a consulting work with a chain of pre-school, Rupesh Doshi, one of the founders, noticed ground challenges between school owners, admin & teaching Staff, students & parents. Also, he saw lack of automation while world had moved ahead, systems in education were still age-old. This encouraged him to think of entering in this sector and give it a try.

All founders are involved in IT/ITES sectors with over 20+ years of experience. They saw a niche of creating digital schools, which was not though of when they started and today that’s reality – keeping and chasing such future vision motivates all founders and team members.

They started planning in 2014-15 and got first immediate breakthrough which helped them in testing their product offering and create a stable product. For 3 years, they tested their products with limited customers and in late 2018, early 2019 they started approaching private institutions in Mumbai, Gujarat and got very positive feedback on their products and services.

Rupesh mentions their initial challenges were getting institutions to change their mindset and believe that mobile phones and online mediums can be used for education purposes. With limited funds, marketing and implementation of ideas was also posing a hurdle for the business.  

Their core team has long experience of on-ground field implementation and that helped a lot. Their sales team also doubled as support and implementation team and provided the best experience and smooth onboarding to education institutions joining them. Also, the use of cloud technology was not new, so that was an added bonus to their customers as assurances like 18 months of auto backup solution was like an added advantages in their sales pitch. 

They had onboarded over 200+ institutions from 2018 to end of 2019. They had got assurances of additional 150 odd institutions signing for 2020-2021 batch. But in 2020, COVID-19 spoiled their rally as schools were not keen on investing or spending a penny on any new things. But they are seeing a rise again since August 2021.

Their vision for Moryaas Digital is, “We would be the enabler for the education institutions to manage their pupils and administration activities on a day-to-day basis. We see ourselves as the best tech enabler for the education industry.”

They are “Mobile First” tech platform for education institution with being agile enough to come up with options that satisfies their customers to stay with them. They also have the added advantage of having close integration with inhouse hardware and other services – example post COVID, they are the only player to have their own integrated RFID attendance with thermal sensors.

Rupesh’s view was, “Startup community in India is scattered and is at a very early stage. We have proven ourselves well with service model, we are yet to prove ourselves with product model. Government role should stick to Incubation – Mentor – Grow - Track & Monitor. It is like how we grow babies; it begins with baby-sitting, providing education, help to setup and finally help to settle.”

“We are happy to be the tech enabler for an Industry that shapes our children, our future. From black boards to green boards to white boards to digital screens to mobile phones, a lot has changed and still lot needs to change. We would keep improvising and upgrading technology and processes and add our bit for this industry,” were the closing statements from Rupesh.

You can check out Moryaas Digital at:

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