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An organisation with the mission to make India better and healthy through its organic farm produce platform connecting farmers, traders, bulk buyers and end-consumers

An organisation with the mission to make India better and healthy through its organic farm produce platform connecting farmers, traders, bulk buyers and end-consumers

Urja Organic Farms provides nutritious and organic food such as grains, pulses, spices, vegetable, fruits and herbs to people through B2C model. When they started it, they faced lot of issues while locating organic farmers & suppliers. Out of experience and lot of hassle, they realized that they have to solve this problem of locating organic certified farmers & traders, so that companies who promote organic find it easy to do the procurement and they become their backbone for locating the produce as per their requirements. They have created a Supply Aggregation System (Beta) where Farmers & Traders can showcase organic produce & Bulk Buyers can buy.

Their Mission is to:

  • stand against Cancer and other hazards caused by produce of chemical farming & to supply produce which is not just ‘poison-less’ but also nutritious for health.
  • create ‘an access to nutritious food’ for people.
  • encourage farmers who have adopted farming practices like Organic Farming, SPNF, Traditional Farming etc. by selling and distributing their produce within the society.
  • spread awareness among consumers & farmers.
  • promote all farming practices that do not harm the land by affecting its fertility.


Urja Organic Farms is taking the produce of organic farmers online so that it is promoted globally. For buyers, they are creating a live inventory so that their purchase planning becomes easy and fast. In a nutshell, they have created a marketplace for organic products where bulk buyers or traders can buy the organic produce and farmers can sell their products.

founder kedar joshi Urja Organic FarmsKedar Joshi, who used to run a management consulting firm called Claref Consulting, backed by his 13+ years of business experience and one of his college friends initiated this journey by creating a home delivery service of organic vegetables & fruits the city of Nashik with the mission stated above.

Nikkhil Sonar who is a Founder & CEO at Fileian Ventures Private Limited having experience of catering to govt & private companies & experience of founding (platform for loan borrowers & agents) joined Forest Agro Business as Cofounder & CTO as he also believed in the Mission of the then FAB.

Sanket Kulkarni, a Agri Biotech Grad, who founded Amrutanshu Agro-Tech Private Limited met Kedar in an exhibition related to farming and from there he joined the team of FAB as Co-founder.

Amol Mali who worked in brands like Wipro, IBM, Mphasis and was working in WNS Global in Pune in the year 2019, used to visit Nashik on weekends just to help the team in completing home deliveries; later left the job & shifted to Nashik and became the Co-founder of Urja Organic Farms.startups Urja Organic Farms

Recently few of their B2C & B2B customers have also joined the team, have taken up this or that responsibility and all these people have brought expertise & experience of various domains in the organization and all are working to achieve the mission & vision of the company.

Kedar noted, “we all Indians have at least 1 cancer patient in our relatives and we all are eating inorganic produce since decades. As founders we took it as a potential risk to ourselves. We believed that our generation to do something to counter this problem, hence we had started the then Forest Agro Business (B2C business model) now, Urja Organic Farms Private Limited.”

“Our revenue started in Jan 2020 and so far, we have achieved revenue of ₹14.5L. Earlier period was of taking experience, now we know the market and what needs to be done. We have decided to become a largest supply aggregation company of India, to start with. Now we know the exact problems of the stakeholders of this organic industry. We have not raised any capital so far. Now our fundraising strategy is simple that we are looking for an investor who can not only provide the funds but if one can add strategic value to our startup would be a great deal,” said Kedar.

The vision of Urja Organic Farms is to become India’s first Organic Farming oriented Supply Aggregation System. They will become the Google search of India when it comes to searching organic products for B2B segment.

One of their clients wrote - The most valuable feedback for me about veggies and fruits supplied by Urja Farms was given by my father. He simply told me that the taste, fragrance and look of this produce is almost like he used to eat when he was young. That was the time when majority of farmers were not using chemicals. Thanks to Urja Farms for their effort.

“We are not competing with bulk buyers or B2C brands but we see ourselves as their backbone for procurement and other needs in market. We are in a market which is not as competitive as the market of inorganic and margins are high compared to inorganic. Also, we are not just dealing in perishables but we are focusing on non-perishable categories such as pulses, spices, grains, herbs & processed food. I would defiantly say that we are making difference in society. Last thing, we are not just focusing on domestic market but foreign markets as well which will help us earn higher and steady margins,” concluded Kedar.

You can check out Urja Organic Farms at: 

And for Bulk Buyers:

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