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A consulting firm that assists small or medium type of enterprises with CFO services and services around business strategies at the price point which is affordable to them

A consulting firm that assists small or medium type of enterprises with CFO services and services around business strategies at the price point which is affordable to them

YourCFO is a business consulting firm – their tagline “partnering your growth” says it all in terms of their approach and the way they deliver results. They operate primarily in SME segment and also operate in starts ups and corporates with each of them they solve different problems. At yourCFO, for SMEs they understand their constraints and partner with the company in its growth. They assist the corporate CFOs in achieving the objective within the stringent deadlines. They understand the need of the start-ups and partner with the company in its future.

Founder Mr. Chirag Jain your CFOAn entrepreneur by heart, a Chartered Accountant by profession and a strong experience in Corporate Accounts and Finance has proved to be a successful combination for Mr. Chirag Jain. Chirag has completed his articled training in assurance division of Price Waterhouse where he independently handled the audit of various clients .Post that he has served corporate giants like Asian Paints and Bharat Petroleum. Post this he has had experience in fields of Direct Tax, FEMA and management consultancy with a few senior Chartered Accountants which helped him promote and form this venture.

Ankit was a batch mate from PWC, BPCL, & then in UTV and Disney. He is co-founder and comes with sharp business acumen resulting from his analytical and detailing coupled with number crunching skills. His command on execution and ability to break larger processes into small executable chunks makes him a go to man.

They started as “your CFO” brand under The New Wave League Private Limited in 2013 with a table space to now a team of 50+ people servicing India and a few other countries. yourCFO has grown leaps and bounds and has come to be known as an innovative service provider having client based located in and around India and abroad. In terms of revenues and customer base from starting around 20 lakhs a year somewhere in 2013 to having more than 50 lakhs per month today As a monthly revenue is where they have been in their journey.

“In the next 2 years we would look at having the global presence with at least 2-4 countries as client base if not establishing any branches and a team size of around 100 People in next 2 years. There is a very strong base which we are committed to creating by investing in technology, in automated processes and in such formats in tech base which will help us in becoming an assisted tech platform in next 3-5 years,” envisions Chirag.

“We do not look at our start-up in light of competitive advantage. I think what is important is we have been able to solve problems for a lot of business at the prices point which is affordable to them and till the point we are able to really do that we don’t see any threat/issue in our existence. If we continue to keep pace in the dynamics of business and keep understanding the problems / statement correctly I think that would continue to make us relevant in the space and keep growing,” said Chirag.

“yourCFO team has done a great job in supporting the founders of Nazara’s subsidiaries in taking over the “finance operations role” of these subsidiaries and have earned trust and respect of the founders in very short time. yourCFO team has become an integral part of Nazara’s extended finance team and their ability to quickly seize the problem statement and deliver solution on time and be accountable for execution is very noteworthy.” - Manish - CEO of Nazara group.

“We have been working with the YourCFO team for the past few years now and it has been a progressive experience. They are an experienced, innovative and highly professional set of individuals who have helped us streamline several aspects of our operations across departments. They act as strategy partners who facilitate the international growth of the business along with a commercial acumen. Their high responsiveness, keen insight and leveraging of best industry practices are focused on helping clients achieve success” Perter Abraham – Gutshot Entertainment Private Limited.

Chirag’s view on the start-up community in India, “is booming, with the right policies and some push and assistance from existing entrepreneurs and we would have probably the largest start up community in the world. We would also be doing our bit in terms of solving the problems across the globe.”

“We have seen that start-up who know the problems they are solving and they have very detailed and deep understanding of the problem they are solving have done well as compared to others. I think that lies at the heart of start up to know the problem you are solving very closely and accordingly keep developing the solutions and as the problem statements changes, we shift enough to redo our module very quickly and try adapt to new statement,” that Chirag thinks would be his advice to the new start-ups and upcoming entrepreneurs.

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