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A customer-led marketing intelligence platform that is data-driven and aided by the intelligence one can harness from one’s own customers

A customer-led marketing intelligence platform that is data-driven and aided by the intelligence one can harness from one’s own customers

ProfitWheel is an ad-tech SaaS player with the mission to unlock the potential of the first party customer data of brands. They are highly focused on creating value for D2C brands via their set of proprietary technology platform.

The ad-tech world is undergoing a tectonic shift. We are seeing cookies going away, privacy becoming front and center and the fundamental method of measuring results changing. The solutions today out there are complex, difficult to navigate, expensive and still don’t solve entire for the problem. ProfitWheel’s idea is to turn the problem on its head and create a platform that is turn-key for D2C brands globally, where they can be onboarded in less than a minute and begin to see insights within 5 minutes rather than 6 months.

Co-founders of ProfitWheel

Gautam Mehra (left), one of the Co-founders of ProfitWheel, has always been entrepreneurial since he was young and has built businesses and run teams for service-based offerings. At heart he is a coder with love for technology and is of the opinion that productization is highly required in the field of digital marketing. This idea led him to team up with Vivek Bhargava (center) and Aman Khanna (right), other Co-founders to start ProfitWheel. Vivek Bhargava has been one of the early entrepreneurs in the digital space in the country. He founded Communicate2, a leading performance marketing agency two decades ago which he later sold to Dentsu. Aman Khanna too has been in digital space for a couple of decades, earlier with iProspect, Yahoo and VisualIQ (which got acquired by Nielson).

ProfitWheel began a year back, but its only just recently come out stealth. Gautam too joined as co-founder just a month ago. They have raised an angel round and are still in pre-series A. Their products have begun hitting the market and have started onboarding clients in the US and India.

“Figuring out the revenue model has been hard for a few reasons. Currently almost all ad-tech players link revenue to ad spends. We want to break away from that. We feel clients spend to get revenue, but if partners are incentivized to make clients spend, then there is a misalignment of objectives. However, since this approach is new, we faced a lot of hurdles at the beginning,” said Gautam. “We are blessed to have a great advisory board. For early start-ups like ProfitWheel, having an experienced and rich advisory board, allows us to get great perspectives that we sometimes lose in the day to day running of the organization. These perspectives along with our own trial-and-error have allowed us to fine tune our model now that benefits clients and us.”

While the traction is great, it’s still very early days. They are picking up clients as those they are working with, where they see ProfitWheel adding tremendous value very quickly. The feedback from clients has been fantastic to this end.

ProfitWheel’s vision for Gautam is, “We see ourselves having our rich product line-up rolled out and servicing several hundred clients across the globe. We are also working out our implementation partner strategy to help us scale even faster.”

The ability to create transparency in the black-box world of AI is much needed. The focus on being obsessed with one’s customers and learning from them to be able to attract the best new customers is something that they have got fantastic feedback from clients and investors alike. Coupled that with the diversity of the co-founders and their own strong network, they feel they have a winning combination of the right team and product.

Gautam feels it couldn’t be a better time for start-ups in India. “India has always had innovators. It is absolutely fantastic to see that now the capital is flowing into the country, rather than our talent going out. I feel very proud as an Indian. I also feel we have a long way to go, since we are in a way just starting out.”

On being asked for any advice for young entrepreneurs and upcoming start-ups, Gautam said, “first, would be to commit to it. While we hear a lot of the news of funding and get super excited, starting a business from scratch and taking it to where it needs to be is years of hard work and sweat. Don’t do it for the valuation or the funding or the personal wealth, do it create a real difference. That’s the only way of building a sustainable scaled profitable business. Second, while being a founder can seem lonely and it many ways it is, you are only as good as your team and network. Surround yourself with the right set of people. Seek out contrasting views. Ask for critical feedback. Your business is bigger and different from you and you need to give it your best shot.”

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