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A business helping other businesses claim their place in this online jungle using the best industry methods

A business helping other businesses claim their place in this online jungle using the best industry methods

Panache Softech is an amalgam of technological advancement and online marketing tactics that helps their clients to pin down their goals against the wall and win them like trophies.

The whole idea of starting a digital marketing services company emerged from the immense love for internet surfing. Panache Softech is dedicated to providing strategized digital marketing services to emerging start-ups, enterprises, projects, and businesses. They are highly specialized in grabbing the attention of potential customers to their client's online business through various social media platforms, be it through Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or e-mail. The company serves clients with specialized subsidiaries; Hikemytraffic (a digital marketing agency), Digitalaka (an e-mail marketing & SMTP server provider company), PIMS (a digital marketing institute),

Manish Chauhan CEO & Founder of Panache SoftechManish Chauhan, CEO & Founder of Panache Softech, met Durgesh Mishra, MD & Founder of Panache Softech at a start-up event that happened to be in Gurgaon. He convinced Durgesh to partner in as a co-founder of his start-up. “Undoubtedly, without his support, I couldn't have managed this start-up all alone. We worked together on various projects with a clear vision in our minds. We realized how result-oriented digital marketing services are necessary for an emerging business. Every successful story rises from a failure, and the same happened with me too. I wasted vast sums of my hard-earned money in paying an online advertising agency while exploring all the avenues for setting my start-up. It was good for nothing since that failure was no less than an opportunity for me to start my own digital marketing services company.

“The major challenge we faced while starting off our company was that we had no business background. We began with our start-up with a handful of money, and we had no idea how it'll turn to be. I struggled a lot when I wasted most of my seed funds on an online advertising company in my previous start-up,” said Manish.

Their company valuation touched to 10 Crore for 2018-19. They have clients from several sectors, including services, non-profits, and FMCG and are frequently serving approximately 100 clients every month. In addition to this, they have also collaborated with around 15 colleges and universities where they have been imparting our digital marketing knowledge by conducting seminars, workshops, and training offline and online.

“Considering the incredible growth of Panache, we are hoping that our start-up will evolve into a reputed digital marketing company in India. Right now, we are in league with the names like CloudMellow and OnePage Digital. We combine digital marketing and Software development to deliver the best results by employing our specialized subsidiaries. We specifically utilize the industry-specific approach to serve our clients,” envisions Manish.

Indian start-ups have garnered a lot of attention in the past few years. This has resulted in job growth. These creative ideas are now regarded as the moving points in the field of technology and innovation. By cultivating fruitful ideas, Indian start-up companies today act as path leaders for socio-economic development.

“Despite having a lot to say and share with my young and aspiring future innovators, I’d rather keep it short, simple, and straightforward. With the advent of new times and digitalization, it has become necessary for individuals to not work in just one dimension. A balanced composition of both hard and smart work is the key that will open doors to ultimate success. To accomplish your desires, don’t just work! Plan where your efforts should be invested,” is his advice for young entrepreneurs and upcoming start-ups.

Manish’s closing statements are, “It's the time that has taught me that neither achieving growth nor maintaining it consistently is easy. The same is the case with the online market. You constantly have to learn from the experience holders. It is our combined belief that a day doesn’t end until your ‘will’ is exhausted. And for us, neither of them has been completed yet. We have transformed considerably, and we are still evolving.”

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