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A healthcare center that is bridging a lot of gaps in the industry right from time, language, communication, research and lifestyle

A healthcare center that is bridging a lot of gaps in the industry right from time, language, communication, research and lifestyle

Prana Healthcare Center was started in November, 2017, in an attempt to bridge the gap between traditional ayurvedic life sciences and modern, research-based science. So, they set up an ayurvedic health center and hired a team of highly qualified ayurvedic doctors and therapists to administer the treatment and now they have a team of biotech and forensic science researchers, naturopathic doctors as well as health coaches and food researchers that help bridge the communication gap, time gap, lifestyle gap, and language gap between traditional sciences and modern lifestyle.

When they started, they addressed the gaps by communicating with the client. They started publishing a lot of research material in the form of pamphlets and distributed them around the city. They had educational stalls at farmer’s markets where they educated every passer-by who was willing to listen to them. The founder herself has personally conducted at least 50 offline workshops in several locations for several corporations, introducing them to the concept of Ayurveda.

Prana is bridging the gap by allowing ayurvedic consultations to be available to their patients from 49 countries. They have also included ayurvedic education as part of their agenda, at Prana Academy for ayurvedic life sciences where they introduced Ayurveda through short masterclasses to almost 2,300 students from 56 countries and counting.

Prana Healthcare Center founder dimple jangda“It is usually personal motivation that brings us into an entrepreneurial journey or a start-up journey. Most often we are trying to fix a problem that we have identified in our own life and we don’t want anybody else to suffer from the same problem. For example, I suffered from bad health growing up and I wanted a preventive healthcare clinic that helps us prevent the disease rather than waiting to cure the sickness of the sick,” said Dimple.

The clinic is about 3 and half years old and would say it took them at least two years to achieve a specific target timeline and also achieve a specific break-even point. Even though they were operationally achieving break-even point in 3 months but to achieve recognition and acceptance in the market, and in the industry and to receive so many awards took them at least two years.

“When you try to bring a new idea, people try to dismiss it because they think it is not going to work. Initially we used to offer ayurvedic consultations for free to all our clients. They used to come and get the consultation done and walk out without buying the medicines or incorporating the lifestyle. It took some time but when the testimonials started coming in, the success stories went up and patients started finding their way back to our clinic,” Dimple said were the challenges she faced initially.

Juhi Chawla, Bollywood actress, is one of their students, Anjali Tendulkar, wife of Sachin Tendulkar, is one of their patients, and Dev Petel of Slumdog Millionaire film is also one of their clients. They have almost 50+ celebrities from Hollywood and Bollywood which you can look up at their Instagram page.

Dimple’s vision, “is to make Ayurveda a global phenomenon and a household practice and the mission is to make preventive health care life sciences acceptable in all countries in all households. It is better to prevent the disease rather than cure the sickness of the sick and that is what we believe in and deliver to our clients.”

“India has a lot of talent, a lot of hard-working youngsters who are hungry, ambitious and brimming with new ideas. All they need is the right kind of a supportive environment from their parents, family friends and relatives to embark on a risky idea and they need that kind of financial support in which banks come forward to fund these youngsters at a very low, minimal interest rate, so that they can actually consider boosting their business ideas,” is her view on the start-up community in India.

Dimple’s advice for entrepreneurs and start-ups is, “Number one: never give up. Number two: don't let outside criticism deem your inner confidence. Number three: if you are passionate, the universe will conspire to make your dreams come true. Be honest, be passionate and be extremely hard working. Do not doubt or fear even for a single second cause the mind manifests whatever is happening inside.”

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