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A business venture that is digitizing home chefs and enabling access to daily fresh home cooked meals for everyone

A business venture that is digitizing home chefs and enabling access to daily fresh home cooked meals for everyone

Zaiko TiffinBox food is non-oily, less spicy, cooked fresh for every meal and delivered from home chef’s kitchen to you directly. Their chefs are like a big extended family for them and Zaiko TiffinBox truly carries the “Maa ke hath ka swaad.”

Zaiko was started 2 years back when they saw increasing demand of healthy and fresh home cooked meals. Restaurant food is neither affordable nor recommended for daily consumption. Zaiko started at a single delivery location in Mumbai in 2019 and now delivers across Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and Bengaluru.

When you move into a new city, you have limited food options – order from restaurants (not suitable for daily consumption), hire a cook (you still have to get grocery), cook by yourself (lucky you!) or order home food (yes, #zaikoIt). Instead of tasting multiple local home food providers, you can directly order from Zaiko. Their team evaluates home chefs in your locality on food taste, delivery punctuality and food packaging. Once the chef is found to pass the required standards, they onboard the chef.

At Zaiko, their chef acceptance rate is around 5%-7%, which ensures only best home chefs are onboarded. This enables customers to avoid trying all home chefs’ services themselves and order directly from the best home chef.

founder ZaikoShaurya Kuchhal (left) is the tech guy who has worked on AI solutions for Mahindra and Mahindra for 3.5 years, and gaining experience into multiple business facets. Tanvay Shinde (right) has his Post Graduate from ICT, and has rich experience into customer engagement and product sales. “I think that’s when it started with let’s build a better solution for everyone. Started working on multiple projects with seniors and colleagues, learnt a lot, though none of them ever went live. The very thought of enabling digital platform for stronger financial support to housewives and home chefs was a trigger,” remembers Shaurya.

The life cycle of Zaiko has been:

2019 September: Launched in Navi Mumbai within a 3 km delivery radius.

2020 September: Delivering across Mumbai. Doubled the number of partner chefs.

2021 September:

  • Brand association with Nestle for ~20,000 sample deliveries
  • Delivering Homecooked Meals across Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore.


Their major challenges were on the customer side being whether or not long-term subscription plans work and building their trust on Zaiko’s chefs and the food quality. While on the operational side of the business, they came across the difficulty in payments from corporates and individuals and their was a lack of customer feedback management.

Zaiko overcame these challenges and hurdles through:

  • Zaiko Chef Evaluation: Not everyone can become Zaiko chef. We only onboard 5% of Chefs to our platform. In addition to 100% FSSAI compliance partner chefs, our foodies interact with the chef and evaluate their kitchen on hygiene parameters along with food packaging and delivery punctuality.
  • Unlimited Meal Pause and Resume: At Zaiko, you can pause and resume your meals unlimited times. Thus, if you are travelling you can pause your meals and resume once you are back. At no extra charge.
  • Customer Service: We manage the customer complaints for our chefs, so they get constructive feedback. In rare scenario of chef’s mistake, relevant corrective steps are taken to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • No-Delay Payment: We ensure 100% timely payment to all our partner chefs.


They are a bootstrapped company and have been reinvesting cash inflow to scale up the business. They are looking for fundraising options in next 6months to scale operations across India. Their revenue estimates for F.Y 2021 would be 8x of what they did in F.Y 2020. Their customer reorder rate is well over 80% and they are growing their customer base 20% month over month.

Shaurya’s vision for Zaiko is, “With the increasing trend of healthy homecooked food, we are working towards building the largest home chef platform; solving home chef problems and reaching 20x customers in next 12months.”

His view on the start-up community in India was, “Indian community is heating up. Adding more unicorns, globally scalable products and services, I think next 5 years will be very exciting. We are now transitioning from a phase of learn and adopt to anticipate and build. Electric mobility will bring the next phase of interest. With negligible cost of operations, motorized transport in rural parts will witness dramatic spike.”

Trust your HomeFood meal cravings with Zaiko verified HomeChefs.

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