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A business with a vision to democratize genetics and its representation for every individual and be the game-changer in the global healthcare space

A business with a vision to democratize genetics and its representation for every individual and be the game-changer in the global healthcare space

The Gene Box is a start-up that revolves around empowering health decision-makers such as nutritionists, health coaches, dieticians, clinicians, genetic testing companies and microbiome testing companies. to use genetics in their practice. With ever-evolving technologies like AI/ML, they intend to make genetics simplified for everyone to use it gain insights to make better decisions.

The idea stems from understanding genomics and its interpretation are very important for giving actionable insights. During the time course, it occurred that there is no on the market that uses a standard way of reporting with a scientific basis, so they harnessed this and made it their goal to bring about a platform that can serve everyone with unbiased reporting.

The Gene Box aims to fill in a massive gap in the global healthcare system by promoting precision medicine through genomics.  They are providing a platform as a service to DNA testing startups to launch in different countries by providing them with the research and platform adoption of better diagnostics and drug prescriptions into routine medical practice to improve health outcomes.

founder The Gene Box Pranav Anam, a geneticist by education is very passionate about the subject. Being a geneticist geek at the core, understanding the issues the current market is facing, while working in emerging health-tech he figured out that this area of democratizing genomics reporting for everyone has great potential. “We have been in existence since 2015, where we started as a direct-to-consumer genetic testing company, we realized pretty soon that our core strength is research, we can do a lot better than the competition if we focus on better interpretation, analytics and curation of the data. We shifted our focus on going B2B to achieve our vision to democratize genomics for all and it has been a great shift,” said Pranav.

The major challenge for any advancement in healthcare have been awareness and early adoption. They have faced this with all their might by creating space for those who want to join the genomics revolution. Understanding the challenges by direct interaction with the users, the influencers and the decision-makers gave them insights which they have put to use to ensure they deliver on all fronts, be it science, features or on-demand customizations.

The Gene Box is present in 4 continents working with more than 50 partners, serving Indian and international clients, with their customized solutions in interpretation, analytics and curation of genomics data. They are a funded company, early on from proof of concept to production levels. They are looking for strategic investors with a keen interest in their model of working that can help them take a big leap of scale-up.

“Couple of more years and we would like to see our services be used by highly regulated markets to give out the interpretation for their populations,” envisions Pranav. They operate in the B2B space which gives them the ability to build products and develop content all backed by a strong research and data team. This scientific advantage makes their products and services popular world-over.

“Our customers’ delight is never less: we had a seamless integration with one of our European partners (a chain of 1000+ clinics in Europe) for genomics reporting. The partners have been delighted with what they get to see on the report and its ease of understanding to their customers.”

The start-up community is very vibrant in India. Recent Indian startups which have achieved a unicorn status serve as an inspiration. However, most start-ups fizzle out after the first few years due to a lack of market awareness and quality of mentorship.

“Sectors that are willing to invest in the concept of personalizing products are poised to be winners over the next decade. Consumer behaviour has evolved over the years with a keen interest in tailor-made products. Customized products will be a concept many FMCG will adapt to,” foresees Pranav.

With the Covid-19 pandemic impacting our lives so much in the last couple of years, this should help the start-ups too as there is a lot of space at the bottom of the pyramid for each one of us to thrive with ideas and solutions to better human lives.

You can check out The Gene Box at:

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