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A health-focused food service that promises on tasty and healthy meals covering breakfast, snacks, tiffin across various categories of products

A health-focused food service that promises on tasty and healthy meals covering breakfast, snacks, tiffin across various categories of products

True Elements provide food that ranges from “nashta” to “tiffin” (depending on which part of the world you are in). They aim to be India’s Most Trusted Breakfast and Snacks brand. Their brand stands for a world where promises and claims aren’t made up of lies, half-truths, and jargon, where 100% taste is achieved with 0% chemicals, 0% preservatives and 0% added sugar and where, every product in their range of breakfast and snacks does only one thing really well - taste good while being good for you, naturally.

Puru Gupta, the CEO, Co-Founder and Sreejith Moolayil, the COO, Co-Founder of True Elements. “The story of True Elements,” says Moolayil, “stems from our personal tragedies and is related to lifestyle health issues faced by both of us. In a span of three years, while Puru lost his father, I lost my father-in-law to lifestyle-related issues. That drove us to think about food and health in India. For close to six years, we spent every waking hour thinking about a brand that was 100% dedicated to the cause and was as effective as our traditional dishes. We had to make a product that was ‘Made with Truth’. It was the mantra that became our source of energy as we began putting a team together that could think beyond us and saw the merit of pushing the envelope even further.

“It took us no less than five years and a solid background of working with not one but two fitness brands to bring together a team of nutritionists, food technologists, industry thought leaders, and food scientists – people who could work on products, technology, sourcing, and instituting method-driven processes that could bring consistency to our production line. But that was only one part of the story, the other was finding farmers growing or willing to grow ingredients that were part of our home-grown list.  We rooted for ingredients such as jowar, ragi, and bajra and, of course, seeds like sunflower and chia that were native to Maharashtra, as our sourcing area was confined within the state limits,” recalls Moolayil. The only ingredient that he got from Sri Lanka was oats given the branding needs, “as oats were more recognized as a superfood than jowar at the time”.

They started with the idea of a clean label brand, and with foods ranging from breakfast to Snacks, focused on health benefits. Before the pandemic customers weren’t looking aggressively to consume these products and hence creating demand was challenging. Along with that, they had a limited set of products than what they have now. From a product development perspective - one of the biggest challenges for them was to ensure that their products were top notch on taste while not compromising on their promise of providing clean food, with not even .001% compromise.

“Every day is challenging & we believe in seizing the opportunity before it knocks! The biggest hurdle - the pandemic- didn’t impact us as much as we imagined it to. This was because we simply kept going & delivering to the demands and established the right infrastructure prior to the restrictions,” said Moolayil.

Their capital efficiency is at a very high pedestal internally. While they are largely bootstrapped, they are already EBITA positive & have hit an ARR of ~70Cr with a quarter of funding, as compared to other similar start-ups. They focus on both mass & innovation- product development and are currently present across 13 categories, across 65 products & 200+ SKUs.

“The future looks exciting with respect to growing in the 8am-11am-5pm consumption buckets of breakfast & snacks. We plan to intensify our marketing efforts and build strongly on the pillars of Awareness & Credibility. We are also strengthening our offline store presence and have plans of entering 25,000 outlets in the next few months. Recently we crossed boundaries & entered international markets like Dubai, Nepal, Mauritius, Maldives & USA and are working to mark our spots in more foreign geographies. We are chasing 300Cr ARR in 18 months and have our plans in place to achieve it,” envisions Moolayil.

“We all believe in “We FAIL to WIN” - and we would like to share the motivational abbreviation behind it. F-Fight till it's done, A-Be accountable for your tasks, I- Initiatives should be taken in order to grow, L- Learn from your mistakes. Also, stick to your brand values & principles to enable a stronger relationship with your customers, make yourself known by your Story!” were the closing statements from Moolayil.

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