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A pioneering health locker which helps users manage their family’s medical records seamlessly

A pioneering health locker which helps users manage their family’s medical records seamlessly

DRiefcase is India’s most user centric health locker with best-in-class usage and retention metrics. It is the 1st B2C platform on the recently launched National Digital Health Mission (NDHM).

As the NDHM footprint expands, a billion Indians will need to be plugged in to the system for it to succeed. DRiefcase believes that is best done through an integrated health locker. They see a significant need for patient side solutions that will allow people to seamlessly participate in the NDHM. Hospitals and path labs that do not have their own patient side app could use DRiefcase (directly or it’s API) as a means to connect their patients as not all of them would want to build their own tech integrations. This would open a large opportunity for a focused locker like DRiefcase (as against others who have multiple offerings) to help smaller players integrate into the NDHM and acquire a significant user base at the same time.

The problem statement was simple – patients take care of health, not health records. So, they decided to help them with that.

Generally, the family stores all its medical record at home in a cupboard or a cabinet. The day there in need typically one cannot locate them or is away from home. That is where DRiefcase comes of most use. They help you manage your family's medical records. There are multiple ways in which you can upload your records and they get indexed and organized in our mobile app. So, you can locate any record in just 10-15 seconds.

founders DRiefcase harsh parikhSohit and Harsh were both investment bankers at Bank of America Merrill Lynch for more than a decade each before they quit to start DRiefcase.  In fact, both were also at IIM Bangalore for MBA. Sohit is a Computer Science Engineer from Mumbai University and Harsh is a Chartered Accountant.

A few years ago, when Harsh’s uncle travelled to India from the US and fell ill, he had to be taken to hospital. But it was a struggle for the family to share his medical records with the physician. They were all on paper, and not all with him.

“This is something that we have all faced at some time or the other. Sometimes it is a major issue like this. At other times there are minor irritants, like forgetting your child’s vaccination charts at home when you’ve taken her to the doctor. These made them realize the necessity of digitizing health records,” said Sohit.

They started off with DRiefcase in late 2016 with our patient side app & scanning service. Later in late 2019 / early 2020, they launched DRiefcase Connect which is a logical extension of DRiefcase – a full-service practice management suite for doctors with record management at its core. Needless to say, it has all the other modules such as appointment management, patient check-in, billing, payments, etc. Recently they have integrated the user app DRiefcase into the NDHM framework making them the 1st B2C platform to do so.

A large part of the time has been spent in creating this category. The biggest challenge that a locker faces is user inertia. The user inertia has two parts to it: a. how can I populate my locker with no / minimal effort and b. when I really need to access the document, how can I do so quickly in a stress-free manner.

“We have put in a lot of thought in streamlining the user journey and communicating the same,” recalled Sohit. There are multiple ways in which records can be uploaded – in-app camera, emailing records to a DRiefcase ID or a host of premium services wherein our team can come home and scan and upload the records or records can be picked up for scanning from your place. Once uploaded each record is tagged with key parameters which ensures retrieval in less than 10 seconds.

Completely bootstrapped, they have thousands of users on the DRiefcase platform for whom they manage lakhs of medical records. On an average an active user of DRiefcase has more than 30 records. Further a quarter of their active users have records spanning more than a decade of their lives.

“We are developing the health locker as an API-able service which can be integrated with different partners. Further we want to leverage this to build a longitudinal healthcare data analytics platform offering data driven services for users thereby improving health outcomes,” is what they have in mind with the future vision for the company.

DRiefcase offers significant advantages to players looking to integrate a locker into their app or offer a user-side app (white-labeled or otherwise):

  • NDHM–ready offering: We helped design the NDHM health locker and are the 1st locker to integrate into it.
  • Vertical locker plays with no conflicts with other healthcare players.
  • Only user-centric health locker with proven usage.
  • Only player focused on offline records – helps complete the medical history of the patient.

“It is heartening to see start-ups disrupting businesses across industries. More importantly they are improving day to day lives for billions around the world.  There has never been a better time than now to start up in India. The whole ecosystem is very supportive. Funding is relatively easier than before and the best people want to work with start-ups,” is Sohit’s perspective of the start-up community in India.

As Scott Belsky says “It is not about ideas, it’s about making ideas happen”.  Everyone around you has ideas. The key is to go out there and make it work. So, it’s important to start somewhere and then work continuously on refining and improving it.

“We believe than NDHM is the biggest change that healthcare has seen in India. It will change the way healthcare is delivered. Finally, the patient will have greater control on her healthcare journey. We are very excited to be a part of this movement and hope to create a positive impact on the same,” were the closing statements from Sohit on DRiefcase.

You can check out DRiefcase at:

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