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With the emerging trend of veganism and the benefits of vegan lifestyle, an e-commerce digital platform is providing all vegan products under one umbrella

With the emerging trend of veganism and the benefits of vegan lifestyle, an e-commerce digital platform is providing all vegan products under one umbrella

VeganDukan is an e-commerce aggregator, and they enjoy bringing all vegan and plant-based products together on the same platform. They believe that giving people feasible alternatives will assist them in moving to healthier choices for them and the planet. Their focus is on customer comfort, and work continuously to improve the overall experience that their current and future customers have on their website and with their service. 

There is and will continue to be a gap in the supply and demand of plant-based goods in India due to rapid change in the consumer choices. This company works towards plugging in this gap and providing a one-stop solution for people looking to buy vegan and plant-based products across India.

CEO and Co-founder VeganDukan sagar mehtaSagar Mehta, the founder, has been vegan and working in e-commerce start-ups for about 9 years. He is trained as an honorary animal welfare officer and feels there is a huge need to work for animal equality and environmental issues, we are not putting on priority. Academically, he has done engineering and is an MBA by qualification. And, after about a year of research, he decided to create the venture, a marketplace that focused on selling only vegan plant-based aka more conscious products.

Very initially starting in January 2019, it was all about getting the right products on the platform at the same time reaching the right audience who would be interested to buy them. Factually both existed but can somebody tap into their confidence was the challenge. That apart, working from a rented flat was a challenge too where the team can work and along with Sagar’s joint family. 

“Start-ups are all about learning, trial and improvisation. We did construct a better tech platform and sharpened the marketing as time passed. All this was possible as we got Nirav who is a partner now also invested seed amount and the core team in place. In the hindsight we had a year’s fuel to prove ourselves as a business and team,” said Sagar.

VeganDukan has been sort of bootstrapped. And currently 2 VCs and an angel investor has shown interest to invest, the amount can be between 3-5 crore. In the next 3-5 years, vegan and ethical consumption will become a much more acceptable way of leading life. “More people would rather call themselves flexitarians and that’s the largest pool we would be addressing to help them try options and transition to a new way of life. We want to become the most sought-after name to fulfil India’s need for the same. We hope to play an anchoring role by representing hundreds of such brands together,” envisions Sagar.

They are an aggregator of businesses which have the zeal to be purposeful, health conscious and create a positive impact on the planet through their businesses. That’s a unique commonality in all the vegan businesses. They are somewhere bringing more value and that’s a main differentiator. They rather hope more business work like that.

“I have come across several inspiring start-ups. Tech based, consumer product based or food innovation is happening at a visible scale. Incubators, accelerators and funds are being increasingly available for Indian start-ups which is a great sign. I think India is somewhere recovering from brain-drain due to a changed environment. Many established professionals are returning back to India to start their own ventures and bringing a lot from their experience,” cites his experience with the start-up community in India.

Start-up is all about dedication in all aspects. Some people can do side-hustle and some just have to do it full time. Some will see funds are a roadblock, some will find getting the right team. There is no formula but there are many ingredients which founders can only use and make the right recipe and improvise. So, just don’t get bogged down by the most genuinely sounding criticism or the most fascinating looking breakthrough. And yes, once you get to what you wanted, good chances there is a different challenge already standing in the way so celebration may not look natural at all. Last, suggestion is not to start-up just because the current place is not a place you want to be. Let the right idea emerge and you have got enough validations yourself with your own research,” is his valuable advice for every passionate entrepreneur and upcoming start-ups.

“We are working with many fascinating product companies at the moment and will happen in the future. We are also working on our own unique product line which we feel will be a great addition to the current gap in the market. We hope to grow 200%-300% YOY in the next 5 years. And we really hope to become the biggest anchors of vegan and conscious lifestyle in India,” are the closing statements for VeganDukan.

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