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A technology-based solutions provider with state-of-the art automations and integrated platform to boost organizations growth and success

A technology-based solutions provider with state-of-the art automations and integrated platform to boost organizations growth and success

Yashuss Unlimited - a boutique technology solutions company with end-to-end business transformation competence and intense focus on enabling world class customer experience solutions, smart automations (manufacturing) and integrated multi-platform solutions to accelerate digital maturity in organizations. They are passionate about simplifying complexity, eliminating process chaos to create measurable business impact and are committed to enhancing tangible outcomes for their customers. They function as a “Single -Stop Solution” factory across front, back office and shop floor for business transformation strategies.

They simplify the business process silos for the customer with the foundations around process design and use technology platforms to its last mile thereby bringing economies of scale to businesses across their core functions. They operate as super speciality doctors and align themselves with process problems and become agnostic to the technological domain.

CEO and Founder of Yashuss UnlimitedPurushothaman TR is the CEO and Founder of Yashuss Unlimited. In his role, his key focus is driving research and development, pushing the efficiency benchmark and ensuring best of global talent hiring, forming new partnerships and engagements, and applying design techniques to drive momentum of growth. He comes across with 20+ years of experience in Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, Technology Solutions and being a certified Master Black Belt in Six Sigma, he looks at the process with the lens of “Lean Focus'' to ensure tangible outcomes and eliminate all bottlenecks and potential for defects.



CEO and Founder of Yashuss UnlimitedAmi Sheth is the Co-Founder of Yashuss Unlimited and has given a Yeoman Service in building the organisation to its current shape and structure. She is an entrepreneur at heart, enriched with 20+ years of experience in Sales, Marketing, Management and Training with Corporates & SME in varied industries and does not stop here. She leads the UX Practice at Yashuss Unlimited along with operations at Yashuss Unlimited. As an all-round professional, she adds outstanding value to the business. Her experience towards technology solutions always found that technology teams are divided either IT Centric or Domain Centric, causing delays and friction for CXO’s to drive revenue and optimize costs. Hence the idea to break the silos, to form an End-to-End Enterprise ready Technology Solutions and Services Team for organisations.

Close to 6 years being operational, the motivation behind starting up this venture was the determination to provide single stop shop solution services to customers who are bogged down due to high costs and poor quality of solutions which take away their time for strategy and growth.

Their initial challenges comprised of finding good resources within the budget being drafted for a particular business operation. Once in, a new start-up always finds it a hassle to manage it working capital especially in running a service-based business. Lately, customer acquisition and understanding were major hurdles to pass. But by building a great team and making a strong foundation to scale up and creating brand visibility and awareness in the market was one of the first moves to overcome these challenges. “Delivery of solutions with exceptional value and work onto build referenceable clients for us to scale,” says Ami.

Their revenue is driven by customer project closures as well as organically growing their customer base. Their customer base comprises of various industries such as manufacturing, retail, BFSI to a larger extent.

They are 100% boot strapped and are at a good growth rate and with most customers having problems to solve due to their growth, they see that they will be able to drive a good pie of the share as their revenue pipeline. “We should be somewhere in the range of 5 Mn USD as revenue in five years from now,” envisions Ami and his team.

“The acumen to solve complex business problems at optimal cost with end-to-end strategy put in place. We cut the silos of the market which are either vertical centric or technology centric, to become the alternative as solution centric,” is their competitive edge in the market says Ami.

“Building resilience and adapting to changing business models by reconfiguring operations is inevitable. Breaking taboos of technology by using it to its maximum capacity will make or break the survival of any company. Time has proven the importance of automation and digital workforce today and companies should pave their ways towards digital transformation to manage the market dynamics, changing consumer demand as well as financial fluctuations,” is Ami’s advice for young entrepreneurs and start-ups in India.

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