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An independent high performance creative agency, with 6 long years of experience in the digital marketing space

An independent high performance creative agency, with 6 long years of experience in the digital marketing space

DigiChefs is a leading digital marketing agency based in Mumbai. They offer end to end result-oriented marketing solutions to businesses of all sizes. Most of their clients come to them for achieving organic or inorganic growth in their top lines. They also offer branding solutions to help meet the long-term goals of businesses. The idea was to deliver effective digital marketing services to clients of all sizes at the most optimum cost. They have devised processes and systems to manage their internal efficiency and reduce their costs to achieve the same.

Most start-ups, SMEs find it very difficult to bring the first 1000 orders and also to scale up their business. We have figured out specialized techniques using the most common tactics like SEO, social media, Ads and Email to help meet these goals.

The big gap that existed in the market, where good products didn’t show up to the right audiences because of inefficient and immature digital marketing practices, was a clear opportunity for them. They struck the right chord with businesses right from the start, helping them meet their business goals. This is one of the reasons why they’ve never had to run ads for themselves to get any business. All their new clients come to them organically via their website or through referrals.

DigiChefs  co-foundersThe co-founders, Marmik Ajmera and Deep Mehta, are engineers by education, marketers by choice and problem solvers by passion. Deep started this agency with his co-founder Marmik Ajmera in the later part of the year 2015. They've grown to a team size of 60 people in these 6 years, having worked with over 300 clients over, 50 of whom include fortune 1000 / NSE listed companies. They will complete our 6th year on 1st October, 2021. “And yes, it still feels, we’ve just started yesterday,” said Deep.

Like any new business, getting the initial few clients to trust you and give their business to you, was the most challenging part. Once they proved their forte to the first 20 clients, they kept on getting references and grew to a team of 60 people, managing approx. 35 projects now every month.

“To be honest, in the early few months, there would be cash flow issues since some clients are yet to pay up. We used to feel a bit scared. But soon we realised that even this problem can be fixed by having smart terms in your contracts that encourage clients to pay up sooner. We used such tactics to resolve most of our hurdles. We’ve not overcome all of them, but we love to fight them now,” recalls Deep.

DigiChefs envisions to grow to a team size of at least 200 people with delivery quality digital marketing projects. Almost half our business comes from overseas and they have offices in at least 3 major countries.


“I think we’re in a great position as a country right now. This is our decade. Our start-ups are doing excellent when it comes to doing out of the box thinking and we’ve some very exciting start-ups already launching their IPO. All in all - for us it’s a good place to be in as an agency which is focused towards start-ups as one of their primary clienteles,” is Deep’s view on the start-up community in India.

Just start working on them right away. Don’t overthink, there will never be a better time is his simple yet effective advice for young entrepreneurs and upcoming start-ups.

“We’ve come a long way over the last 6 years to become Mumbai’s leading digital marketing agency, however, I’d say there’s a much more uphill battle ahead of us while we try to solve the marketing problem statements for our start-up clients. And that’s what excites us the most,” were the closing statements.

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