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This start-up has a diversified product range catering to personal and sexual hygiene of men and women, breaking apart the orthodox mindset of our society

This start-up has a diversified product range catering to personal and sexual hygiene of men and women, breaking apart the orthodox mindset of our society

Pee Safe was incubated with the launch of a Toilet Seat Sanitizer. Now they have broadened their reach by focusing on personal hygiene and sexual wellbeing of men and women alike. Over the last few years, they have further delved into feminine hygiene products like (pads, tampons, menstrual cups), men’s intimate hygiene, female grooming (Furr by Pee Safe), sexual wellness (Domina), masks and face mist (pollution safe).

Although they began as a hygiene brand especially for maintaining hygiene while using toilets, they have identified a lot of other hygiene essentials and have taken it upon themselves to talk about things that are usually a topic of taboo in our society. “We pride ourselves on being outspoken, bold, courageous, witty, and a personal hygiene expert.”

Vikas is a businessman with over 25 years of experience in setting up and successfully growing businesses. At Pee Safe, he focuses on product development, regulatory compliances, building strategic alliances, and driving sales.

Srijana is a serial entrepreneur and has managed multiple ventures that range from logistics management to retailing to transit risk management services, while at Pee Safe she handles product development and people functions.

Dheeraj is an investor turned entrepreneur who has invested in over 50 early-stage companies across

India, UK, and the US. He advises on the strategy and fundraising aspects.

Our co-founder Srijana Bagaria contracting UTI on a road trip, led to a journey of research and development along with the help of her husband, Vikas Bagaria, the co-founder. They were determined to find a way to mitigate the risk of contracting UTI and other hazardous infections on visiting a public washroom. The Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray was introduced as a result of this thought and research. Ever since then, it has been saving grace for all public toilets and has saved millions of women across the country from the risk of contracting UTI.

Redcliffe Hygiene was incubated in April 2017 and relaunched a toilet seat sanitizer under brand Pee Safe, which was initially developed in 2013 by its founders. Raising the first round of funding in 2017 wasn’t a cake walk. Many potential investors did not believe in the start up’s ideologies and growth potential. Further, many people did not realize the importance of personal hygiene and risks associated with the lack of it. Hence, educating the masses and making them aware of the risks of infections was something they took as a challenge.

The company has raised over 9 million USD from the likes of Venture Catalysts, Alkemi Growth Capital, and others, across Pre-Series B, Series A, Seed and Pre-Series A round and aims to emerge as one of the leaders in the global personal hygiene space. Despite the pandemic challenge, Pee Safe has witnessed an 80% year-on-year growth of its online business in the fiscal 2020-2021.

“Our brand was the one that introduced a first of its kind product- the Toilet Seat Sanitizer in India. This product changed the hygiene game for many users. Following this, we delved deeper into personal hygiene and wellness and introduced a wide array of products. The diversity in our product ranges provides us with an edge. Our new sub brands such as Furr and Domina are a testament to this. We now have products ranging from personal hygiene to sexual wellness and grooming, is Pee Safe’s moat in the industry,” said Vikas.

Some of their bestselling products include the Biodegradable Pads, Menstrual Cups, Cramp Relief Roll On and the Toilet Seat Sanitizer.Pee Safe funding

Pee Safe startup story

Pee Safe has garnered a lot of critical acclaim for its products and work. It has been awarded the Images North India Retail Award, India Health and Wellness – Health Brand of the Year Award and the award for the Health Start-up of the Year. In January 2020, Pee Safe also was awarded Amazon Best SMB Brand 2020 in presence of CEO Jeff Bezos for their remarkable achievements on Amazon India, and LinkedIn awarded Pee Safe with the Top 10 Start-ups award in 2020. Pee Safe has also featured in prestigious lists such as Asia One’s Greatest Brands, India’s Greatest Leaders and 50 Start-ups: The Smart CEO.

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