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This start-up has developed a digital platform to unite the Indian gaming community using Artificial Intelligence

This start-up has developed a digital platform to unite the Indian gaming community using Artificial Intelligence

Qlan is a whole new way for the gaming community to connect and interact. It’s an AI based networking platform where users can create custom profiles, sync their in-game statistics, access AI based matchmaking, build squad and org profiles, share gaming content and more. Qlan is built with a focused vision on creating a robust and sustainable esports and gaming ecosystem in India, to start with.

Gamers will be able to find other gamers to play and compete with via AI enabled matchmaking, there’s an auto generated CV creation option that gamers and gaming professionals can make use of.  Gaming content creators, which is a large and growing number globally, can share their content on a gaming only feed, maximizing their chances of building a targeted fanbase. 

The idea for Qlan branched from the experience and interactions with the esports and gaming community in India. With their first venture, Time of Esports, they have a healthy relationship with multiple industry stakeholders and it was with every new conversation that they identified the grassroot problems that exist in this young industry. 

Questions, a lot of unanswered questions which we started finding answers for led to the inception of Qlan. The day they knew that their solutions were viable and can be executed on a digital platform, they knew they had a business opportunity at hand.

Sagar Nair, Co-founder & CEO - 10+ years of proven pedigree in the live entertainment and content space as a brand builder and marketing strategist. Worked with brands like Zee Live Entertainment, Star India Pvt. Ltd., Laqshya Media Group to name a few. 

Navin Talreja, Co-founder & CBO - Brings 15+ years of experience in building profitable business from the ground up, businesses in varied sectors like live entertainment, hospitality and education. Currently mentoring the business strategy of these companies while working on Qlan full time. 

Ashwin Muni, Co-founder & CTO - Technology Professional with 13+ years of experience in IT Industry, specialist in Systems, Architecture, Automation, Cost-saving, Training, Agile.

Managed tech stack for products like Money control, News18,, Burrp, Overdrive, Forbes India. Worked on Nokia We meet with Nokia Research.

Prashant Pandey, Co-founder & Community Lead - A former international esports athlete and coach with NRG esports (LA) in Clash Royale. One of the only early esports adopters and successful competitive gamers to represent India at the global level.  

The ideation began in October 2020 and they set to roll out the Qlan beta version in September 2021. “Understanding the nuances of what goes into creating a product of this nature and setting up a valid business model to back it up was the most intriguing challenge we faced. While the features we integrated were validated at a very early stage as we had involved the eventual end users, we had access to right from the idea, UX and UI development stages, to now the beta version of the app,” recalls Sagar.

They are bootstrapped at the moment. They need to first achieve the milestones which they have set for themselves before we approach fundraising. Finding a product market fit and getting the necessary traction to lead the way among other milestones. “We envision Qlan as the go to platform for gamers and esports enthusiasts to seek competition, entertainment, opportunities and a potential career.”

“Firstly, the founding team where each of us come with experience and expertise in areas that are the perfect mix for a product like Qlan. We have a brand builder, a business expert, a seasoned consumer tech developer and a professional esports athlete. Secondly, our existing inroads and relationships in the gaming and esports industry, we’ve forged a strong and trusted network,” is what Sagar believes to be their edge in the industry.

Sagar’s view on the start-up community in India was, “To thrive given how the last couple years have been when it comes to business is something that the world can learn from the Indian start-up community. We’ve created 20+ unicorns this year itself, need we say more? Initiatives like Start-up India and the programs that are run under it are critical in providing the right guidance to young entrepreneurs. Confidence is key when you’re on an entrepreneurial journey and the start-up infrastructure that India has created in the last few years provides exactly that.”

His advice for young entrepreneurs and upcoming start-ups is, “Stick to your guns but do not shy away from seeking advice or help. Make it a collaborative journey and you’ll be surprised with all that can be achieved.”

Qlan is a young, well informed and driven company that has set out to achieve a vision of a thriving, inclusive and collaborative community of gamers and esports enthusiasts. And we’ve only just begun! 

You can check out Qlan

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