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This new-age start-up has brought up an innovative yet affordable and secured way to conduct your house parties

This new-age start-up has brought up an innovative yet affordable and secured way to conduct your house parties is simply an Airbnb for house parties. With them people can host and attend safe and secured house parties with like-minded strangers. Hosts can also earn while hosting a house party and guests can save money by attending these house parties which are affordable and comfortable. Additionally, when you attend house parties, you can meet new hosts, you can visit new venues, you can attend different themes, meet different people, which means you can be a part of new experiences every single time.

They are also a new age experiential marketing platform. Businesses can promote their products or services through these house parties, in a new, fun, exciting and effective way to the right set of audience.

Over the years, they have enabled several hosts to host more than 1000 house parties, with 10,000 registered users and got an opportunity to work with more than 40+ brands, both domestic and international, with names like Bacardi, ITC, We Work, Limese etc. and more importantly with record of zero mishaps.  founder Shrinivas ShindeShrinivas Shinde, the founder, is a Kingston University, London, Alumni and is also an ex-semi-professional cricketer. He has got more than a decade of experience in branding, marketing, retail, hospitality, film production and film distribution (you can also find him on IMDB). Started his professional career from a marketing and a branding start-up, leading to building a luxury lifestyle brand called Veaura, which is into retail and distribution of high-end luxury home furnishings, with brands like Armani - Casa. Jab, Rubella etc. Further, he went on to start a film production company and produced a couple of regional films and distributed Marathi films in USA and Canada. Dishant Goenka, joined as a marketing manager post nine months of the launch and further headed the business operations too for the company. Dishant has a work experience of 6 years and has co-founded a digital marketing start-up before. He is skilled in finance and marketing and currently holds a position of COO in the company.

He began the journey of in November 2017, primarily for the love he had for house parties and the disappointment after not being able to attend many due to its unavailability as an alternate.

The first challenge comes when you run your idea by are your friends and family. And Shrinivas feels, while most of them won’t say, but the initial rejection or acceptance comes from them. The second challenge, was communicating the idea to the developers. The third challenge was to find people (hosts and guests) to participate in such social experiences. “This time I simply wanted to execute the idea and took the plunge irrespective of what my friends and family said. Of course, I did carry out a simple market research to know the acceptance of this idea with a sample size,” recalls Shrinivas.

The basic idea was to create a platform for house party enthusiasts. With this platform, very soon they created a value preposition for both the host and the guests. Shrinivas envisions, “Five years down the line we see our start-up catering to all the aspects of micro social gatherings. The way Airbnb changed the way we book and stay in rooms, similarly we would be changing and disrupting the way people socialise. Not just this, but we also see ourselves expanding to other countries too.”

They have done multiple trials and errors over the years to understand what their consumers need. The same has been implemented as much their bandwidth is towards the product and the experience too. Therefore, they have the critical business information which is always going to give them that edge.

“For ideas, the key is the execution. If we are open, we will keep on pivoting and find a right fit. I think it is very essential to be observant and flexible about the consumers need. We should be able to work very closely with them. Every single feedback matters.  Competitors will come and go; our focus has to be on our consumers.  At a very initial stage, idea is one thing, but managing a team at this stage is difficult. Because at this stage, people are going to be associated with you because they like the idea and see a potential in it. These people are going to be enterprising and could be smarter than you. You should have the ability to listen and hear out, let a few things go and shrug them off your shoulders, but most importantly we should be that binding force,” was his closing advice for the young entrepreneurs and start-ups.

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