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This start-up comes from the gaming industry and is developing games that will change your multiplayer shooting experience

This start-up comes from the gaming industry and is developing games that will change your multiplayer shooting experience

XSQUADS Tech Private Limited is a game development and publishing company based in Surat, India, is focusing on developing multiplayer shooting games with social core, original IP’s and mass-market appeal. They are working on a game that will give the players a localized experience irrespective of their location. They are not building yet another shooting game with same gameplay experience but something that is completely new for the shooting game lovers.

Their idea was to develop an Indian game that gives a pure entertainment experience with intense graphics, action packed gameplay having world class quality standards, initially offering online and offline gameplay. The gamers around the world praised their idea, efforts and gave their valuable feedback for improvement. After extensive demand for even better outfits, accessories and season-based missions, they planned for passes and subscription models.

founder XSQUADS Tech Private LimitedJemish Lakhani, the founder of XSQUADS, is an IT engineer from Maharashtra Institute of Technology. After the post-graduation, he started an IT service company, 360 Web Pointer Infosystem. After 3 successful years, he switched to his passion of gaming and started XSQUADS Tech Private Limited in 2016. Co-founder, Ashish Dhameliya, is a successful entrepreneur in the tech industry who joined Jemish and XSQUADS in 2019.

Game director, Jemish, recalls that he and his friends often went to cybercafés to play games such as Counter-Strike. At that time, he wondered why no such popular game had come out of India and that he, as an IT engineer, should do something. The development of ScarFall: The Royal Combat began in Q2 of 2019.

Jemish recalls the initial challenges being lack of resources and technological limitations. There was no way they were even getting an expert advice as there were very few gaming studios in India that were working on large scale multiplayer shooting games. But the quick learning abilities, research and grasping power of their team helped overcome the hurdles, and today they are experienced enough to learn new technologies and skills rapidly.

They are continuously taking feedback from the individual players as well as gaming communities around the world which helped us improve the game and are currently building the revenue model according to the player’s feedback, in-game and industry data analysis.

So far, they have not raised any funds as they focused purely on developing the product with a strong base. Now that they have a product strong enough through which the potential investors could see the future of Indian gaming. Right now, multiple VC’s, HNI’s and Private equity firms are showing interest in the company. Their goal is to lead the India in the gaming sector at a global scale, and as a company they see themselves as the gaming unicorn in next 5 years.

Jemish has his view and experience of being a part of the start-up community in India as, “In India, the number of startups has increased fast and more support has become available in all dimensions. There is a huge need for innovative solutions, particularly those that alleviate poverty and benefit a large number of people. Technology startups play a crucial role in accomplishing this, because of their potential for scalability and exponential growth. In addition, fostering a good work culture can be helpful to attract and retain talent. Moreover, eradicating the male-dominated “bro-culture” will also help attract qualified women and foster a more inclusive and innovative environment.”

XSQUADS has been a winner in Aatmanirbhar Bharat App Innovation Challenge organized by Government of India, to identify the best Indian apps that are already being used by citizens and have the potential to scale and become world class apps in their respective categories. This Innovation Challenge with various cash awards and incentives of featuring apps on leader boards helps to create an ecosystem where Indian entrepreneurs and start-ups are incentivised to ideate, incubate, build, nurture and sustain tech solutions that can serve not only citizens within India but also the world.

His advice for young entrepreneurs and upcoming start-up is to focus on the idea or product itself is the best thing to do. His experience at XSQUADS so far has taught him that if we focus on the quality of the product rest hurdles will ease with time.

“We are proud of what we are building at XSQUADS Tech Private Limited and our India first approach had always motivated us to do something different and bigger. Valuable feedback from our players encourages us to push our limits, and we will keep delivering the products that offers a complete entertainment experience,” were the closing statements.

You check out XSQUADS at:

You can also download their game both for Android and IOS from:

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