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This digital marketing venture is providing a platform to reach and interact with target audience to promote your business

This digital marketing venture is providing a platform to reach and interact with target audience to promote your business

Public Media Solution is all about helping companies reach out to their target audience in the best way possible. They help organizations make their messages reach far and wide by providing them with quality media coverage and unique content. The idea was always to optimize digitization in the field of marketing. Once the founder, Ravinder Bharti, realized that the scope of digital marketing is surpassing that of traditional marketing, he decided to start a venture that helps organizations in making the most of digital platforms for promoting their businesses.

PMS is solving the issue of standing out of the clutter. In 2021, digital marketing is peaking and there are several players in the market. This makes it difficult for organizations to create their niche in the industry. Public Media Solution aims at helping these organizations communicate with their audience with strategies that are unique and out of the box. They believe this helps them capture the attention of the public.

founder and CEO Public Media Solution Ravinder BhartiRavinder Bharti, founder and CEO of Public Media Solution, is an engineer by education and has worked with notable MNCs after completing my graduation in Computer Science. However, he always had a knack for understanding how digitization works for organizations in marketing themselves. The idea about entering into the field of digital marketing and PR cropped up when he read an article in Bloomberg about the rise of eCommerce. This made him freelance in a small start-up to understand the realm better. He instantly knew what his calling was. His passion for the use of digitization in the field of content marketing and PR helped him set up a digital marketing and advertising agency in Pune. Since his early days of helping online sellers, he had been mesmerized by the magic of digital platforms when it came to getting your venture marketed across the board.

Public Media Solution was set up in 2014 and has been in the industry for the last 7 years. One of the biggest initial challenges faced by the company was that of building a team of skilled professionals. As a new startup, they did receive multiple applications but it was difficult to select the ones that add the most value to the young venture. Luckily, they found an ideal team to provide quality services to our clients fairly soon.

They overcame the hurdles and challenges by not losing sight of their vision and not compromising on their goals. “Honestly, it would have been a way easier journey if we would have accepted everything that came our way at face value. Our uncompromising nature helped us in tackling all challenges and succeeding in our mission,” expresses Ravinder.

They focus on innovation more than traction. Their team has always believed that if a marketer has an approach that is out of the box, they are bound to get the desired traction and drive the desired ROI home. Moreover, they make sure that all their services are in sync with the latest trends in the market. This helps their clients to be relevant at any point in time. Ravinder foresees, “in the next few years, we see our venture handling more global clients and setting up more offices across the world.  We have always believed that the core values of organizations across the globe are similar and we would love to explore international markets more in the years to come.”

For the last few years, the Indian e-commerce space has been successful in creating its niche amongst the masses. The majority of the Indian audiences still prefer visiting the physical stores and showrooms for making purchases and hesitate while placing an order online. However, this approach is changing over time as people from all walks of life have started adopting the trend of making online purchases for all sorts of products and services,” points out Ravinder regarding the digitization prevalent in the economy.

It is important for the new and growing startups to take more risks and come up with bolder ideas. This is the only way to carve your niche in the market and attain all your objectives. Going out of the way and offering a new approach to your customers is always likely to be rewarding at the end of the day, is his advice for young entrepreneurs and upcoming start-ups.

Public Media Solution has come into being after immense patience and dedication. Running a digital marketing company has made me realize how difficult yet important it is to give equal importance to innovation, technology, and the clients you cater to. Once you are successful in securing this balance, you are bound to succeed!

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