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If you have a hobby that you are passionate about, this start-up will help you perfect it through their virtual learning platform

If you have a hobby that you are passionate about, this start-up will help you perfect it through their virtual learning platform

Hobit is India's first learning platform of hobbies which is created for both learners and educators I.e., distinguished freelancers and academies. The learners and educator’s platform gives users a chance to get access of contents and modules in form of live video sessions of various hobbies of their Interest. They aim to bring most of the hobbies under one roof on HOBIT Application (17 hobbies currently on-board). They aim to support a child’s inclination to learn new things that aren’t “additional” or extra – they are essential for all-round development.

Hobit is solving the challenges faced in pursuing any hobby as a professional earning possibility or career opportunity. They are providing the right guidance, support, peer group and motivation factor to pursue hobby at their convenient time, place and with their favourite renowned tutor live from the topmost tutor of industry.

Founder Hobit Gaurav Dua,Founder Arpit Tyagi,FounderGaurav remembers, “I was always backbencher in school and my interest was inclined towards extracurricular activities but due to lack of proper guidance, support, direction and peer group I was not able to pursue my Hobby properly. In my graduation days I slowly developed interests towards Startup ecosystem, so to understand it I did my first internship in Reculta Solutions (Startup). After doing my masters in Marketing & International Business I worked in top EdTech firm Entab Infotech for one year to gain the industry knowledge. So, in 2020, March I was discussing about my pain points faced in life with Arpit (Co-founder) & Lakshay (Co-founder) and was shocked to know that they faced the similar issue in their life. So that’s how the plan of Hobit came in our mind.”

Lakshay and Gaurav are school friends and shared the similar interest in extracurricular activities. Arpit and Gaurav are graduation friends and he had the interest in startups since those days. He worked with Mr. Sundeep Mahindru (M1Exchange) Startup to understand the ecosystem of Startups.

Hobit, backed by Marwari Catalysts, was launched on 14th January and clocked 1k users after 2 months and now it did 22x growth in last 3 months and clocked 22,000+ users currently. It runs on revenue sharing model with the tutors. So, it doesn’t hire any tutors, they share revenue with the tutor that is being generated from there module. They operate on two different streams I.e., B2C and B2B. B2B is providing Customized Hobbies/Passion learning solutions to educational Institutions and Corporates. (10 Institutions On-board). B2C – Selling Modules in three forms (Monthly live sessions, Workshops, Pre-recorded Certified Courses) to end users.

In next few years we see ourselves the most hobby centric platform with having eco system of multiple hobbies. The platform will be from Bharat to Globe with deeper penetration into Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities and Gulf region. Their vision is to create a complete ecosystem with further technological advancements and inducing personalized 1 to 1 class.

Gaurav’s closing statements, “Start-up community in India is growing at very fast pace and India is not very far to be the most active community of start-ups in the world.” His advice for young entrepreneurs and upcoming start-ups is, “Be realistic, set goals but the intensity of the thoughts and work behind it should be unreal. Trust on your vision, be patient and keep perseverance.”

You can check out Hobit at:

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