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This start-up is a complete solution for your digital needs right from web development to digital marketing through SEO

This start-up is a complete solution for your digital needs right from web development to digital marketing through SEO

At the age of 22, Shailendra started working in a small firm as a web developer. While working on development projects, he saw a lot of work coming around search engine optimization, which requires web development knowledge to fix issues related to SEO. He saw many big projects which are losing traffic because the website is not SEO friendly. While working with these development projects, he thought we could have all these facilities and plans before doing code, which can help customers save later development costs and gain good organic traffic.

Movinnza, based in Pune, is a dedicated Web Development and SEO company in India. Movinnza is well versed in assorted niches that encircle web related services like; website development, website designing, mobile application building, and website redesigning. In addition, they do offer digital marketing services that include SEO alongside CMS, logo designing and e-commerce service.

Founder Movinnza Shailendra Kadulkar Shailendra Kadulkar while working as an IT professional for an MNC he made up my mind to bring something new in this highly competitive space and help the companies in getting refrain from the project failures caused by lack of proper understanding and incompetent database designing. Thus, in 2016, MOVINNZA came into existence to assist the companies with quality services and customized web development solutions.

Currently in the growth and establishment phase, Movinnza faced initial challenges in form of fierce competition in the digital space. When reaching out to clients, they were met with unrealistic expectations of work to be performed. Team building and winning the trust of their clients was an added challenge to the business. But all these were solved but developing a disciplined process and various strategies for individual projects, making them delivered on time and at the greatest quality. 

Their principle is to create value for the customers which in turn creates revenue for the business. The business is currently bootstrapped, with immense opportunities in the coming years. Shailendra wishes to see himself five years later at a place with Movinnza where he can be proud of the company they have built. The competitive advantage lies in the constant learning and adapting to the new opportunities thrown in by the market.

Couple of their recent projects have received excellent reviews from the customers:

“One of the best Web Design companies. Our both company’s websites are designed by Movinnza. Timely service & cost efficient. Understanding the exact need of customers and executing the creative ideas is their USP. We recommend based on service we availed. Best of luck Movinnza.” – Local Guide.

“Movinnza was referred to me by one of my friends. I had to make my website. Shailendra and his team has done it very well. They are very good and professional. It was pleasure working with them.” – Individual Business Woman.

Shailendra feels in India, there is much needed to support for start-ups as he saw many people had ideas, but they were not able to implement those due to a lack of investment and support. He foresees AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning to be the future industries with huge growth potential. His advice for young entrepreneurs and start-ups is, “I think most of the startups focuses on avoiding mistakes. On the contrary, I think people should learn from mistakes and provide quality service.”

You can check out Movinnza at:

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