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This start-up is built for other start-ups, aiding them to attain their success through consulting and advisory services for all of their needs

This start-up is built for other start-ups, aiding them to attain their success through consulting and advisory services for all of their needs

Chatur Ideas is one of India’s leading start-ups enabling platform which has worked with over 1050 start-ups and 1500 + investors from all around the world. It helps start-ups in all possible avenues such as mentoring, fundraising, getting their pitch deck, preparing their business plan, marketing, and anything that they might need to scale up their business. They also run an Entrepreneurship Program across India, where their trainers help in providing the right path and guidance to the budding entrepreneurs and help them succeed.

founder Devesh Chawla Chatur IdeasAbout starting Chatur Ideas, back in 2009, Devesh Chawla, the founder, wanted to start something on his own, similar to a famous taxi-hailing application in India. At that time, he was demotivated and discouraged by a lot of people and pushed towards taking up a nice job instead, and he did the same. But later in 2013-14, he realized that some people in a similar space are doing exceptionally well, while others, in spite of great potential, are unable to reach their desired goals. This made him think that maybe we lack the right ecosystem where there are mentors, entrepreneurs, and investors together, and that made him think about starting something where he can create the ecosystem. At that time, he did not have the courage to start it right away, so he did a lot of groundwork and research to make sure if he is on the right path or not. Once he gained confidence, he left his job and started Chatur Ideas.

It was a slow and shaky start, and he often thought if he made the right call or not, but they eventually started picking up momentum and received a lot of love and compassion from a lot of start-ups by connecting them to the right investors and mentors. Today they have surpassed their own benchmarks in helping start-ups, and have scaled up rapidly in India, and are expanding their reach overseas.

Completing over 8 years and raising $10,00,000 recently, in the evolving start-up ecosystem, competition is unavoidable. While founders have the strongest and most unique ideas, they lack the right resources and guidance to head in the right direction. Chatur Ideas is a start-up enabling platform that helps entrepreneurs execute their ideas and elevate their businesses. They have come a long way to help start-ups build their dream businesses.

So basically, the kind of mentors and investors that they have on their panel gives them a competitive advantage because very few companies have access/ very few platforms have access to such mentors and investors of such high credibility and pedigree.

Devesh shares one of the stories, “So there was a company that came to us to help them scale up their business. They were doing a revenue of approx. 1.5 crores every year. We gave them some growth hacks and in the next 3 years that revenue quadrupled and they are successfully sustaining with those numbers. Another company that had reached out to us was at a stage where they just had an idea and they wanted to scale up. We helped right from building their business to growing it and scaling it to the next level. It’s been 4 years now, and they have been close to 2 million dollars and have more than 2 offices in India, have 40 plus employees and have received a lot of client recognition. I and the Chatur Ideas team are extremely happy.”

His perspective and advice for the start-up community is, “The start-up community has advanced a lot from where it was earlier both from the investors point of view and the start-up’s point of view. A few years ago, investors just used to cut the check after listening to the idea, now even the investors have also advanced and they take the funding decision after taking enough traction including revenue and customer acquisition into consideration. This portrays that even the start-ups have understood that raising money is a tough process and no investors invest in just an idea without any traction, revenue or proper execution of idea. They also need to innovate constantly and to study the market before they get into a business. You have to first understand the problem and see how big the problem is and how big, impactful and relevant the solution is.”

He has been part of the IPR Policy framing team, part of the Gujarat committee of forming the start-up policy of India and also being the advisor to the State Government of Gujarat allowed him to work very closely and seeing that they have been doing an incredible job which is giving a boost to the start-up ecosystem. He foresees EdTech to be the next big industry.

“As a start-up, we feel that we need to give our best to our customers as they are our highest priority and we aim to give them anything and everything that they need so that their business can scale up and move to the next level,” concluded Devesh.

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