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This AI-driven HRTech firm is disrupting the traditional process of recruitment, hiring and onboarding of potential employees

This AI-driven HRTech firm is disrupting the traditional process of recruitment, hiring and onboarding of potential employees

TalentRecruit is one of the fastest growing HR Tech organizations that has emerged out India. Their cloud-based recruitment & onboarding automation technology is transforming the way organizations discover, assess, engage and onboard the best talent using Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. Furthermore, our Robotic Recruiter – ERIKA is driving the way forward towards recruiter-less recruitment by acting as a 24x7 Virtual Recruitment Assistant that empowers recruiters.

Through their disruptive hiring tech, they are revolutionizing the way organizations hire the right talent at right time and the way they digitize and automate the recruiting & onboarding process from, end-to-end, while providing amazing hiring experience to candidates, recruiters & all other stakeholders involved in the entire hiring process.

Hiring the right talent is a challenge for any organization and different stakeholders in the hiring process have different problems that need to be address with a technology forward approach. There was a lack of an End-to-End and comprehensive hiring platform as recruiters were using multiple point solutions to manage their recruitment & onboarding processes. It is exactly this problem that TalentRecruit is solving with their disruptive AI driven HR Tech through a comprehensive solution that acts as a single solution for the hiring woes of each stakeholder in the hiring process.

Founder Alok Nidhi Gupta and shalini guptaShalini, has a background of managing corporate banking operation in a leading company called ABN Amro and she has also founded TalentMappers, which is a recruitment & staffing company - that’s where she found the need to develop an end-to-end recruitment platform. And Alok, Co-Founder, was the Company Secretary at Munjal Auto, who had also Co-founded a smart metering and smart grid company called Matrix Energy.

Shalini’s exclusive experience in recruitment and Alok’s experience in building and developing a technology organization was the perfect blend of experience which sparked the collaboration to build the most comprehensive platform that solves the end-to-end challenges faced in recruitment & onboarding.

“I realized that Recruitment & Staffing Services segment needed a strong tech platform to scale the business and that’s what I discussed with Alok,” says Shalini Gupta, “That gave me the initial spark to build a Recruitment Technology platform and I worked towards building TalentRecruit – An Advanced Recruitment Platform driven by Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence.”

They incorporated the company in 2014, however they had started the development of the product much earlier. Within no time, they could see the largest organizations in the recruitment & staffing business and also leading enterprise organizations had adopted the TalentRecruit platform. “We are one of the very first SaaS companies emanated from India and are the first company to bring cutting edge Machine Leaning & AI technology into recruitment tech,” says Alok Nidhi Gupta, “Indian technology organizations in the SaaS space are going to create a lot of value proposition form companies emerging into the global market, especially in the HR Technology segment and we as TalentRecruit are working towards adding continuous value through our platform to continuously address the multiple complex challenges into the recruitment process.”

For any company that is a startup, especially as bootstrapped company, the challenges are always keeping you motivated and optimistic, wearing multiple hats at the same time, managing the company with financial prudence and - most importantly - managing the expectations of various stakeholders. “We were always mentally prepared that we would not back-down and giving up was never a choice for us. As both of us are from finance, legal and recruitment & technology background, managing the business, HR and legal aspect was not much of challenge for us,” recalls Shalini.

TalentRecruit has grown in the first 5 years at a Cumulative annual growth rate (CAGR) of 104% and as of today they have customers in 20+ countries, a testament to the user-friendliness and value offered by our SaaS solution. Right now, they are working on 3.0 version that’s is hugely interoperable hiring platform driven by cutting edge technology such as Machine Learning and AI, enhancing our Robotic Recruiter – ERIKA.

Their competitive edge lies in the comprehensive nature of the platform that eliminates the need for their customers to leave the ecosystem to manage their recruitment & onboarding. “When we talk about our competitive advantage, we would also like to draw attention to the fact that India has a great SaaS Story and an “Upper Hand” in a sense when it comes to building software solutions,” foresees Alok.

“Young entrepreneurs are not afraid of starting their own ventures in different fields and solving the problems in different industries. As earlier mentioned, I believe that by the end of this decade, India will be the largest SaaS Technology solution provider to the world! As per various industry reports, by 2025 Indian SaaS companies are poised to create a value proposition and market capitalization of up to USD 1.3 Trillion,” is Alok’s view on the start-up community in India.

Alok’s advice for young entrepreneurs and start-ups is, “I would say the most important takeaway which we have realized from our entrepreneurial journey so far is never to give up and to play on one’s strengths. Our advice for upcoming start-ups is to do a lot of research on the market potential and target client segment for their product / service before launching the same.”

TalentRecruit will continue to create a tremendous value for its users and customers by continuously investing into the latest technologies and by building scalable & interoperable products. It’s their aim to make the life of the recruiting community and recruiting teams (across the board) easier and we will enable this through the complete automation and digitization of the recruitment & onboarding process from end-to-end.

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