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This start-up is here to guide on the correct career path based on your interests, focusing towards your dream profession

This start-up is here to guide on the correct career path based on your interests, focusing towards your dream profession

The idea was started with a problem statement which all young generation is facing since many years. The problem is that a student thinks that ‘if I could have done this, it would have been great’, but this happens once they choose career path which is not their core competency. So, this idea came with providing solution to those unanswered questions.

Connectathon is creating a platform for the young generation to understand a profession or a field in depth. The platform is work in progress but currently anyone who wishes to align their career with dream profession can avail services. They have panel of career counselors to guide and professionals of varied industries to mentor their customers.

The problem statement was turned into a business by becoming aggregators of counselors and professional of different industries. While they connect their customers with experienced and qualified professionals, each customer is dealt uniquely. They try to understand the requirement of the customer and connect them with counselor/professional. They suggest them who would be appropriate to resolve their query but final decision relies on the customer only.

Another problem is lack of awareness and guidance among students. The career counselors at coaching and guidance institutes are found to be biased with the colleges they have tied up with. An unbiased guidance can be given by a good Career Counselors but how would students identify them. At the same time, a profession which can be ideal for an individual might not be feasible from career perspective.

Connectathon FOUNDER Omkar VaradkarThe core idea of Mr. Omkar Varadkar, who then built a team of the members from all over India with similar thought process to help the future generation of India. Most of the members are MBA graduates or pursing MBA. Some are following their dream careers and some were chasing a stable career option. But all had fallen prey to this rat race. They were toppers in their graduation/MBA but nothing changes the dissatisfaction which arises from slogging in a career/job which one doesn’t enjoy. Thus, began the journey of CONNECTATHON. “We don’t want the upcoming generation to feel dissatisfied in their profession. We want to be that link for facilitating an informed decision making among the new generation,” said Omkar.

He started his journey by helping students in their career decision since more than 10 years, then he decided to take this to next level by forming a team of people having similar thought process from all over India. They formed the team and thereby they started their journey by providing webinars to students by industry experts who shared their actual experience throughout their journey. And now they are diversified into the field of counselling.

The major challenge is; Career guidance or Counseling is frowned upon in India. We are not talking about the metro cities here. Majority of the people find it unnecessary. Connectathon is trying its best to break this stereotype. Connectathon will become a go-to place to gain clarity and feasibility of dream careers.

Connectathon leads the market through affordable prices, diversified panel of experts from all over the India who are qualified and experienced professionals in their respective industries.

“We believe that Dreams are important. Dreaming and achieving it is the best feeling. When each one of us would enjoy doing what we like, we can together progress as a country. As founders, we are following our dream of providing guidance for taking informed decisions. We want that the upcoming generation of India should be proud of their career choices. Hope, we become the catalyst for success of the new generation of India,” concluded Omkar.

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