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A digital platform is provided by this business for placement opportunities in legal & finance sectors

A digital platform is provided by this business for placement opportunities in legal & finance sectors

The Indian legal profession is one of the largest in the world, with over 1.4 million enrolled advocates nationwide. The estimated total value of the Indian legal market as of 2010 was approximately USD 1.25 billion. 

We also have a diversified financial sector undergoing rapid expansion, both in terms of strong growth of existing financial services firms and new entities entering the market. The Government of India has introduced several reforms to liberalise, regulate and enhance this industry.

Our economic progress, which is largely dependent on the Legal & Financial Sector, is not only a key factor of stability in the global economy, but also a source of immense economic opportunity for the world.

Mangalam Placement is one such business that is catering to both of the above industries through a job placement platform. Their idea was to provide verified job search platform dedicated to Legal, Company Secretary and Finance Professionals. Initially, they started as basic recruitment but later formed a website and portal which assist to hire and post job in same categories with cost efficient mode. Currently there is no such dedicated platform for legal and finance professionals.

Atul Mehta, who is founder of Mangalam Placement, is himself a Company Secretary with rich experience of 20 plus years and deep understanding of the demand for legal & finance professional, based on which he has designed this product. He started this company in 2016 as a traditional recruitment agency, but later in 2018, a digital platform was launched as an alternative and more efficient business model.

The initial challenges were finding the best product mix and selling initial subscription, but slowly people understood the concept. The company did lot of pilot runs of the idea, trying out different product mix and having to set & reset SOPs. Then finally in May 2021 they had a fully developed and accepted product for the market.

With an increasing customer base, Mangalam Placement is doing 10 lakhs of revenue on a monthly average. Completely bootstrapped and reinvesting the profits back into the business, the company is looking out to get listed on Social Stock Exchange in India.

Atul’s view on the start-up community in India is, “India is full of Brilliant People and Start up coming in market are solving lot of problems and giving new face to consumer industry. Indian start-up community has also grown to different countries which make us very proud.”

His advice for young entrepreneurs and new-aged businesses is, “If you want to do something – go and get your dream, action is more important, until thoughts are converted to action – no output can be generated.”

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