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This business has developed a digital platform for vendor discovery to fulfil your manufacturing requirements

This business has developed a digital platform for vendor discovery to fulfill your manufacturing requirements

The India manufacturing sector is highly fragmented, with lots of small-scale manufacturers that have spare manufacturing capacity & capability - but don’t have the means (sales & marketing resource) to reach their prospective customers. 

At the same time, large organizations such as your own who regularly use such manufacturing sources, cannot feasibly assess the thousands of potential sources for each of your specific requirements to ensure that you are always selecting the most competitive and capable - keeping your existing vendors on their toes and ensuring a wealth of alternate options to enable capacity scale up on demand. 

Online Manufacturing is a digital platform which simultaneously benefits both buyers of manufacturing services, and the manufacturer vendors themselves - seamlessly and digitally facilitating connections between both. It is completely free to use, so you don’t have anything to lose by trying us. Simply post up your requirements on our platform, and receive responses directly from vendors. They continually assess the capacities and capabilities of all types of manufacturing on behalf of many companies, and they will match potential suppliers with your specific requirement - providing evidence of each vendor capacity & capability (including photos of facilities and machines) as well as physically checking. As a digital service - the responses are very quick, consistent and well organized.

Online Manufacturing is a revolutionary end-to-end one stop solution to bring verified Vendors & Buyers together and to help them conveniently Connect and Collaborate!

Founder Online Manufacturing Rajendra Gangan Rajendra Gangan is a proud Founder and CEO of Online Manufacturing, a Mumbai registered business that is transforming the India manufacturing sector - simultaneously promoting the Govt. initiatives to “Make in India” and “Digital India”. While working at Godrej Company as an assembly engineer, he identified the vendor development challenge. He quit the job and started his work on an online vendor development platform. Online Manufacturing launched in Feb 2018 with MVP concept, currently providing B-B model along with business opportunities for MSME. Jack Ma and the story of has been his inspiration for this venture.

The buyer facing problems of high cost, limited access and manual processes while the vendor is tied up with no direct network & low profit margin. Their process is quite simple from joining in as a buyer for free, placing your order requirement to connecting & finalizing the deal with the vendor.

Currently, they have 3300+ vendors registered on the platform along with 350+ buyers. They have generated INR 50 lakhs in revenue, having raised INR 17 lakhs from friends & family. In the next few years, they are aiming at INR 100+ crores in revenue being a global manufacturing market platform.

Rajendra’s view on the start-up community in India is that India is going to become a startup hub at varies city in IT, FIN, Manufacturing etc. field, will generate employment.

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