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This business is bridging the gap of high cost and low-quality content in the food advertising space

This business is bridging the gap of high cost and low-quality content in the food advertising space

Cooktube is a multi-channel food content distribution network. They produce and curate tabletop recipe videos which we then publish on their social media handles and were amongst the first influencers in India to do so. They have produced over 700 recipe videos since 2016. They create recipe videos, food TV as well as digital ads, do food styling for other production houses and develop recipes for clients.

The idea was to just start with a written recipe website, get traffic and monetize through that which evidently did not happen. They then pivoted towards making recipe videos and since they were one of the first, their social media presence became into being and a lot of people started following our pages and viewing our videos. Once they garnered a good followership and views, they started reaching out to food brands for product placements and luckily the first brand that they reached out to said yes to placing products in their videos. Fun fact is that the same brand is still a very prominent client after 5 years.

Cooktube is bridging the gap between why brands need not spend a fortune for the eyeballs they deserve that they can get in 1/10th the cost they spend on native advertising.

Siddhant Gupta founder Cooktube Siddhant Gupta who is the brainchild behind Cooktube has always been passionate about food and cooking. He decided to pursue Hotel management at an early age of 15 years. He then went on to study hotel management from ‘Les Roches International School of Hotel Management, Switzerland’ which is considered to be the in the top 3 hotel schools in the world. Siddhant also worked in New York for a few months and came back to India where his father helped him setup 2 restaurants. The first restaurant was a bar and lounge and the other was more of an Indian food delivery model. Both the restaurants failed eventually because Siddhant was fresh out of college and was handling everything with almost no experience at a tender age of 21.



Gaurav Monga founder CooktubeWith the passion for cooking and food still fresh in his mind, he thought of starting a recipe website and shared the idea with his childhood friend Gaurav Monga who is also the Co-Founder / Director at Cooktube. Siddhant & Gaurav then started Cooktube in 2015 and faced many challenges for the initial 2 ½ years. On the verge of closing down in 2016, they thought of giving it a last push and 2017 was the year they were able to pivot and turn things around for Cooktube. Since then, Cooktube has produced over 700+ recipe videos, produced ads, done food styling and has a portfolio of companies like Dabur, ITC, Kohinoor, Future Group, Veeba and many more.

Started 6 years ago, the need for good quality food content or rather recipes for the masses were the biggest motivator for the founders to start the company. Now, a lot of food bloggers and viewers look up to our recipes since they and easy and unique.

The challenges they faced initially were to shoot our recipe videos since they had zero to no knowledge about filming and lighting so they overcame that hurdle by educating themselves on film making by watching videos on YouTube and then eventually hiring professionals to do the job. The second and the most important challenge they faced which mostly all startups or businesses face all the time was ‘how to make money?’. They approached food brands after gaining a little popularity on social media and luckily the first brand they approached came on-board.

The competitive advantage that Cooktube has over others is that they are monetizing their audience already whereas old and new content creators are still struggling to gain popularity. They have reached to a position where food brands and audience do not view them as bloggers but a brand.

Siddhant’s view on the start-up community in India is, “Startup eco-system in India is at a very adolescent stage right now. There are not many resources that a startup can look up to without any monetary transaction that almost all startups don’t have. Talking of the founders, there are many passionate founders who are willing to give up everything to make their startup a success which is a positive thing.”

His advice for young entrepreneurs & start-ups is to have Perseverance, consistency and being true to your work are the keys to success. The founders should be open to pivot, listen to everyone’s ideas, do their due diligence & research and find their product market fit.

Cooktube is to be the go-to company for food brands to market their products and the go-to brand for users to search and publish new and innovative recipes.

You can check out Cooktube at:

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